Here's a fun experiment you can do, rain or shine, with your branded coffee cups. Whether you're at home or in the office this is a great little trick people will love to participate in. What is it? Hearing whether water is hot or cold, of course!

hot and cold water cups

Hear the Difference Between Water Temperatures

It sounds a little bit impossible, doesn't it? That the hot water you pour into your cup of tea in the morning actually sounds different to a cup of cool water in the afternoon after a jog. If you'd like to try this experiment for yourself you'll need two cups or mugs that are identical. We recommend a style like these branded porcelain cups as they conduct sound well. You will also need a jug for each water temperature - fill one with hot and one with cold. Now you're ready to go!

hear hot and cold water in branded cups pouring water in promo glass

If you're doing this experiment with friends, get them to turn around before you pour! And then go for it! Pour one cup and then pour a second, ensuring you go slowly and carefully. Now get your peers to guess - which did they think was the hot cup and which was the cold? They should guess fairly accurately because as it turns out, hot and cold water does indeed sound quite different.

This comes down to the thickness of the water (viscosity) which changes when water is heated. So your hot water splash is going to sound different to your cold water splash just because of the way fluid dynamics works! It's a little bit kooky but it does make a great office test to see who is really listening. Who knew you could use simple cups to test something so complex?!

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