Mugs are wonderful promotional products because they can look unique using nothing more than simple branding techniques. But what if you're trying to decide how your printed mugs should look? Never fear, we've found some existing mugs bursting with inspiration and perfect for those looking to brand their mugs in the future.

promotional cactus mug

Funny One Colour Promotional Mug Print

Our first example is extremely simple - just a black and white print on a budget promotional mug. What makes this mug extremely appealing is the simple yet amusing design emblazoned on the side. Cute and funny this logo and slogan combo manage to be both memorable and a bit silly without using multiple colours, overly complex designs, or several print positions. You really can do more with less!

promotional full colour printed mug

Full Colour Printed Mug Design

We love this one, such a great idea! While this mug looks extremely complex the actual design is a straightforward representation of a Kombi van. It's just how unique the print looks that helps it to stand out. A design like this may be hand painted (as above) or digitally printed to wrap around the mug. This is opposite to the minimal design on the first mug, something bold and bursting with life - definitely an eye-catching option.

promotional mug colour change

Colour Changing Mugs

This takes the standard style mug and brings it up a notch with a design that changes when hot water is added. These are often called "magic mugs" or "colour change mugs", and they do exactly as advertised. The standard visible design is usually an only colour print (in this case, the lights on the world map) while underneath a full colour, the highly decorative design stays hidden until recipients use the cup. This is a great idea to surprise people or to promote a specific design that changes. So awesome!

promotional enamel camp mugs

 Quirky Printed Enamel Mugs

Perhaps ceramic or bone china mugs aren't representative of what you're going for - in which case, feel inspired by these unique enamel mugs that look like the perfect camping accessories. Enamel mugs look and feel different from standard ceramic mugs, and they're the kind of mug that people notice. A simple one or two colour print of a hipster design on the side and you've got yourself a mug that appeals to those who enjoy rustic things as well as the younger generations.


Cups first spotted through Pinterest: