National Clean Your Desk Day is a pretty self-explanatory national (well, international) day -- we're all encouraged to clean up our workspaces whether at home or in the office. However, there's a lot of ways to approach tidying up your work station, so we thought we'd cover a few of the best ideas to give you a head start on your tidying up.

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Why Declutter Your Work Space?

You don't need to be a KonMari devotee to appreciate that the tidier and more organised the workspace in front of you, the less overwhelmed and stressed you're likely to feel. When your desk is in order you avoid being distracted by the bits and pieces in front of you and can focus better on the task at hand. And all that's without touching on keeping your desk tidy from a cleanliness perspective! Keyboards and desktops, in particular, can be swimming with microbes and nobody wants that in front of them all day!

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Desk Organisation Essentials

So you're convinced that you need to get clean, that's awesome -- now here are the tools to make it happen!

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Cleaning Up Your Desk Process

Try taking all the items you can off your desk and sort through them, which do you want to keep and which are just taking up space? Any papers or cardboard items should be disposed of via a recycling bin and only non-recyclable plastics or foodstuffs placed into your rubbish bin. Once you've removed the items you don't need, it is time to clean the desk and any dusty remaining desktop products. Leave the desk to dry and then start placing your important items back on the top. Repeat the process for any drawers until your entire workspace is clear.

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