A fun blog post today, the Cubic team would like to introduce you to our newest team member, Coco! He's been making himself busy keeping the mood spirited during this busy time of year. Cubic Promote doesn't just have a dog in its team, we also stock a variety of promotional gifts just for furry friends this holiday season.

office dog coco

Branded Gifts for Dogs & Puppies

Our colleague Coco has checked out a bunch of our promotional items for pets and he was pretty impressed. If you're a vet, a puppy preschool, or a business from another industry looking to engage with pet owners, you'll love these unique gifts for man's best friend.

coco recommends

Dog Friendly Promotional Products

Best of all, if none of the above items suit your exact campaign we can help make custom items just for your doggy-focused promotion! Speak with the friendly Cubic Team today for more information on how we can assist with making your pooch's dreams come true. Does your workplace have a dog like our new friend Coco? Or another type of pet, perhaps? Be sure to tell us about you fuzzy colleagues, we'd love to hear about them!