Struggling to come up with a theme for your next marketing campaign? Why not focus on promoting healthy lifestyle choices and fitness activities with Cubic Promote's extensive range of athletic accessories that come branded with your logo design. You don't need to be a gym owner or sports club member to enjoy these promotional products either, whatever your industry fitness items make wonderful gifts.

promotional fitness bands branded

Promoting Health and Fitness With Cubic

Right now, some of our best-selling products are those in the personalised fitness equipment category because as lockdowns start to be lifted, Aussies are returning to their regular workout routines. If you'd like to get your staff to consider healthy lifestyle choices, if you're promoting a sporting event, or if you simply want to give your organisation an active image then Cubic Promote's range of fitness gear is for you. We decorate useful exercise products with your logo design and you distribute them as part of your company marketing!

mini weights branded gym gear

What Kind of Sporty Gear Do We Have?

Interested in getting your org's fitness on? Cubic Promote has an extensive range of useful products any gym junkie or yoga lover is bound to appreciate. Top selling products Aussies have been buying this year include:

  • Logo Emblazoned Skipping Ropes: A traditional lightweight promo skipping rope that can be useful at home or in the gym to get your pulse rate up. We decorate the handles with your logo.
  • Promotional Resistance Band Sets: A pack of bands ideal for stretching and toning muscle. We decorate the bag and we can also print your logo on the bands if you like!
  • Logo Decorated Yoga Blocks: Sturdy promotional gifts that can be used in a variety of yoga poses and stretches. Your brand will look great against the colourful block!
  • Pocket Promotional Pedometers: Keep track of your steps as you walk or run each day using these great value branded pedometers.
  • Made-to-Order Soccer Balls: A great backyard sports ball but also a smart way to stay fit. We decorate each ball with your slogan or logo.
  • Promotional Logo Sports Towels: Dry off after a hard gym session using our customised sports towels. Affordable and lightweight, perfect for almost any campaign.

And if none of the products above matches your campaign vision then you can simply chat with the Cubic Promote team for personalised product recommendations and pricing. Take advantage of the great Aussie weather and lessening COVID-19 restrictions with a sporty, athletic marketing merchandise campaign in association with Cubic Promote!