1 Stress ball makes for a great promotional item and one happy recipient. However in a trade show setting where every one of your competitors is competing for the same attention of a participant it would take a lot of creativity to draw their attention in the first place. I have seen all sorts of gimmicks in conferences such as free popcorn, fake cash giveaways, video games, gigantic inflatable balloons and more! However how about this for an idea for your next conference. Typically for any trade show a client will easily go through 500 stress shapes. Typically a thousand stress balls is enough to keep up with demand over a normal 2 day trade show. So how about using your promotional stress toys to attract attention? Here are 3 easy tips to get the most out of your stress balls for your next event!

dice star

Tip 1) Really show off your stress shapes by sticking with 1 colour. If your logo is red and your trade booth is red in theme then obviously go for a red stress ball only!

Tip 2) Why not opt for a fun custom shape so instead of a red round stress ball go for a red stress shaped tomato! It still in your theme colours and will make things interesting. If your colour is yellow try a stress hamburger. Green? Go for a stress ball green apple. Blue? Go for a blue pyramid or a blue water drop stress ball.

Tip 3) In your trade booth don't leave brown paper box's visible. Hide them. If the stress balls came in one some how get a big vase or a big box.... any container that can be used to utilize your stress shapes as a decor and a visual point of interest.

3 Easy tips which can be implemented easily and along with friendly approachable staff and good booth decor you are guaranteed to attract good attention.