Logo rebranding for marketing merchandise is one of our favourite things to examine here on the Cubic Promote blog because it gives us a chance to examine inspirational corporate branding on the exact products these organisations use for marketing. In this latest rebrand, we check out the work of Ollestudio for leading Polish web portal, Onet -- a simple but effective rebrand involving only three colours.

Marketing Merchandise Logo Rebrand

Promotional Products for Web Industry Leaders

When you admire the range of promotional goodies launched with the new Onet logo from Ollestudio, it is immediately apparent that the branding is restricted to a combination of yellow, black, and white only. Using these restricted colours is a simple way to build brand recognition through consistent logo decoration and colour usage across an entire range of new products and campaigns.

Marketing Merchandise Logo Rebrand Lanyards  Marketing Merchandise Logo Rebrand Bag

The Onet rebrand covers all manner of simple, functional promotional products. The only luxury item in the range is a custom branded bottle of wine ideal for handing out to key clients or staff as a corporate gift. The rest of the range is made up of items like lanyards, paper bags, notebooks, and pencils. By keeping the scope simple, along with the branding, Onet's promotional products remain eye-catching without being too distracting.

Marketing Merchandise Logo Rebrand Wine  Marketing Merchandise Logo Rebrand Pencils

If you're working on reformatting your logo or if you're keen to rebrand in the future, take a leaf from the Onet book by simplifying your brand to a set of easily identifiable colours and an unobtrusive, basic logo design that is memorable without being over-the-top. There's a lot of inspiration to be found within this rebrand, so get cracking!

First spotted here: http://abduzeedo.com/node/84553