While many of us still think of McDonalds as fast food that we "go out" and get, these days with delivery apps all the rage it's fast becoming a treat we like to order in. Around the world today, September 19th, is actually McDelivery Night In -- a date which celebrates the joy of ordering Maccas to have at home. Part of this promotion involves -you guessed it- logo branded McDonalds clothing and lounge gear for a limited number of customers.

mcdonalds promo lounge gear clothing

Promotional Fast Food Casual Clothing

If you're in one of the participating countries (like here or the US) to score yourself some extremely limited edition bulk branded McDonalds gear all you need to do is order from the Uber Eats app after 5pm today only. The company will arrange for one of the limited edition goodies to make its way to you, but be warned this is only while stocks last and in participating areas only. So, what kind of goodies are the team at Maccas giving away this time? In 2019 it's all about casual custom clothing that's fun to wear and comfortable to relax in. Items you could score include;

mcdonalds promo socks stripe branded mcdonalds tee shirt with logo printing

Get Some Branded Clothing #Inspo

Next time you need promotional clothing and are stuck for ideas, take a leaf out of the Maccas book and consider casual clothing feature your logo decoration!


Details originally from: https://corporate.mcdonalds.com/corpmcd/mcdeliverynightin.html/