Here is another excellent example of promotional merchandise, created just for kids. This particular effort is from a burger chain in America. They have created a range of rather cute apparel range amongst other items aimed specifically for children. Check them out, let me know what you think.

full colour printed hoodie july 2019

Merchandise for the Young

Promotional products for young people has always been a fabulous way to market and reach out to your fans and guests. Parents will love the fact that the merchandise on offer is useful, and the kids will love the designs, provided that a bit of thought had gone into it.

This particular effort by a burger chain called Portillos is worthy of a mention. Check out the excellent products available. Diners can purchase these, as well, they can be purchased separately online as well.

Goods on Offer

So what type of products are on offer? Let's start by listing them out by age group.

1) A Baby Bib
2) A Dummy (or better known as a pacifier)
3) Tee shirts for the young (these are unique because they feature, burgers, shakes and fries) .... (basically all my favourite foods)

4) Long-sleeved tee shirts, which feature more or less the same designs as the short-sleeved tee shirts.

5) A zipped hoodie. Which features an incredible full-colour custom print. The full-colour print is featured across the entire front surface and runs across the arms as well.

6) A tee-shirt with a chocolate cake on it. Enough said!

7) A baby top and bottom combination set.

8) A sheet of stickers. Because, as children, stickers are always in short supply.

baby bib july 2019 22nd short sleeved tee shirts july 22nd 2019 long sleeved tee shirts july 22nd 2019 tee shirt july 2019 22nd sticker sheet july 2019

Minimalist and Bold Loud Branding

The cool thing about the effort by Portillo to create this set of merchandise is the fact that they have done minimalist designs on some products, such as the baby dummy, and the chocolate cake tee shirt.

On other merchandise items, though, they have created designs with a maximum visual impact. Take, for example, the full colour printed zipped hoodie. From my knowledge of branding onto garments, that is a terrific effort. You see branding full colour is difficult already, but this garment seems to take it to the next level with the following features:

1) Banding that goes across seams and across the Zip area

2) Continuous branding that goes from one half of the garment to the other half. This requires careful matching and printing.

3) Continuos branding that spans from the left arm, to the body, and over to the right arm.

Regardless if you know anything about branding, you have to admit, this is very special looking and unlikely most types of printing you may have seen in the past.

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