As Australians return to the workplace over the next few weeks it is vital that all businesses and community spaces have adequate social distancing and protective measures in place. One important protective measure to have in place is adequate hand sanitiser for those entering and leaving your premises. Luckily Cubic Promote has some affordable, accessible promotional hand sanitisers and stands to help maximise the use of this germ-killing gel in your work environment.

hand sanitiser stand

Promotional Space Available on Sanitiser Stands

One of the limitations of normal over-the-counter hand sanitiser is that you need to dispense it yourself AND it only comes in smaller sizes. That's why Cubic Promote is so happy to have stock of infrared sanitiser dispensers that can hold a large amount of sanitising liquid and will automatically dispense it into your hands when you put them in the sensor area. You can choose from a compact stainless steel sanitiser dispenser that would suit most office bathrooms or the mini infrared hand sanitiser dispenser that's perfect for having on the table in your entranceway.

stainless steel sanitiser dispenser mini hand sanitiser dispenser auto

If you'd prefer something at an accessible-height or with the option for advertising space/implementing a fever screening camera, then you might be interested in Cubic's new hand sanitiser stands. We offer a budget option in the hand sanitiser stand with board display, which lets you pop in a manual sanitiser container for people to hand squeeze but it is at a handy height and features an advertising board behind the sanitiser holder. If you would rather an automatic device that can have its height adjusted, you'll love our touchless infrared sanitisers with stand.

basic sanitiser metal stands adjustable stand sanitiser

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hand Sanitiser Stands

When it comes to protecting staff, clients, and visitors in a workplace or public space from germs and contagions, proper hygiene is essential. One of the best ways to maintain such hygiene is by providing access to hand sanitiser stands for people entering and leaving your premises. But with so many different varieties on the market, how do you know which one will be right for you? Here are some key factors that should be considered when choosing the right hand sanitiser stand.

  • Automation - Do you want an automated dispensing mechanism or something simpler like a manual container? Automated systems can help ensure maximum efficiency while minimising contact between guests who may be carrying contagious bacteria.
  • Attractiveness - Since these products are often placed in high-traffic areas of your business or community centre, don't overlook their aesthetic appeal! Hand sanitiser stands come in a variety of colours, shapes, sizes and designs; choose something that fits your existing décor scheme but also facilitates efficient germ killing!
  • Cost - As with any purchase decision there's always budgetary considerations at play. Consider both upfront costs as well as additional consumables such as refills or batteries.
  • Convenience - Are you looking for something that's easy to move around and/or store away when not in use? If so, make sure to look for stands with adjustable heights, convenient handles and compact designs.
  • Compatibility - Make sure the hand sanitiser stand you choose is compatible with the particular sanitiser product that you're using. Some stands require specific refills and/or dispensers.

At the end of the day, it is important to consider your options when it comes to providing health and wellbeing items to your staff and clients. Speak with the Cubic Promote team for more information on these new sanitiser workplace solutions today.