There's nothing worse than people using their mobile phones when they're meant to be focusing on class, a conference, or simply on everyday activities. Cubic Promote has a new promotional product available that will help organisations to secure phones quickly and easily with minimal fuss. We're proud to now be offering logo printed Lockable Mobile Phone Pouches!

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Why Lockable Custom Phone Pouches?

Schools, universities, and business conferences can tell you that keeping people off their phones in a secure manner can often be essential for focus during exams, important presentations, and business deals. That's why we've decided to sell Lockable Mobile Phone Pouches with gorgeous full-colour print decoration here at Cubic Promote, they're a functional item that can both boost brand visibility and provide function during everyday activities. One of the advantages of these pouches is just how simple they are to use. Slip you phone inside and then pinch the metal pin and hole together at the top. Now the phone is locked inside these signal-blocking pockets. When you want to get the phone back out simply utilise the magnetic base that comes with the pouches and the device will unlock.

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Other Product Advantages

If you're dealing with a classroom full of students that need to unlock their phones then never fear, the magnetic base can be swiped across any pouch to open it. Unlike lock boxes at event locations, Lockable Mobile Phone Pouches can be kept by the phone owner on their person for that added peace of mind (not everyone wants to hand over their phone, after all). They also make fantastic promotional gifts that you can give to individuals to keep at home so they can use them when they want to focus, relax, or simply enjoy some time away from the pressures of daily life. Best of all we decorate each pouch with your full-colour logo design so your event or organisation branding gets the attention from recipients it deserves!

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Cubic Promote Delivers Phone Pockets

Our production timeframe for these eye-catching and innovative promotional products is 3 weeks from your order placement. Because Cubic Promote is located in Australia we can offer delivery to anywhere in the country for Lockable Mobile Phone Pouches including directly to your event location! If you're interested in this great new promotional gifts that offer fantastic functionality for those in education and events (and everyone else, let's be real) then give our friendly customer care team a call to learn more about pricing and product samples!

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