Ever wondered what happens everytime you recycle something like a can, some paper or a mobile phone? Well the answer is everything good and useful. You see some of the recycled items end up as materials used to remake things. What type of things you may ask? Well everything from notebooks, frisbees, rulers and more. You can see a whole range of products in our eco promotional item section on our website which has literally hundreds of different product ideas. In the instance of recycling mobile telephones even more natural resources are saved.

Nokia Phone for recycle

Federation Square Melbourne Exhibit

Mobile phones are being phased out for new technology all the time. MobileMuster operates in Australia and is a program that takes in every single brand of mobile phones for recycling. It is an initiative started by Australia's Phone industry body. This year they have collaborated with an artist by the name of Chris Jordan and students from Wanganui Park Secondary College and created a huge public art installation for the Sustainable Living Festival in Melbourne.

Using 8000 mobile cell phones they created these huge displays aimed at making awareness.

recycled phones 2014 B

more recycled phones 2014

Along with these images the event organisers highlighted some staggering numbers to give people some insight as to how valuable recycling can be:

- 23 million recycled phones equate to 144,000 tons of precious metal ore.
- 23 million recycled phones leads to a reuse of 397 tons of plastic
- 23 million phones has the same eco benefits as planting 120,000 trees

So 23 is the theme of the event, and to emphasize it the team created the number 23 out of the phones. Check them out below.

recycled phones 2014

Article and images first seen on website http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/en_us