Chili's is a popular restaurant chain in the US featuring burgers, steaks, seafood, and pizza all under one roof. Although the chain is popular as an eat-in destination, the company has avoided embracing the trend towards delivery app options due to their logistic concerns. They seem to have finally broken through that last obstacle, however, because now Chili's is partnering with the delivery service DoorDash and there's plenty of celebratory gifts fo US consumers to go 'round.

chilis promotional items with branding nov

Promotional Products, Delivered!

To promote the Chili's/DoorDash collaboration, which will allow greater access to Chili's food across America, the brand has put together a special welcome pack for those ordering using the app during a 2 week period in November. Dubbed the "#ChilisMyHouse starter pack" the set contains an assortment of promotional gifts, each featuring unique Chili's branding. The starter pack includes;

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Finding Your Own Success

While we don't recommend replicating Chili's formula for a promotional gift box, we do think there's a lot of inspiration to be found in this campaign. Promotional gift sets given to your new or returning customers provide a sense of inclusion and importance, making them more likely to shop with you again in the future. Cubic Promote will add your logo and slogan to each product and even pack the items together, making your gift set campaign extremely simple. How great is that? Let our sales team know if you'd like any additional information on gift sets or product ideas today.


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