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Promotional Jackets Now Hot Fashion Item

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Fashion trends tend to take off fast and nowhere is this more evident than in the sudden resale demand for delivery giant Deliveroo's employee jackets. That's right, young people are going wild for the uniforms delivery drivers have to wear. Normally you'd think there would be nothing more uncool than something you have to wear to work, but London's youth can't get enough of this unusual street wear.

Deliveroo Wavey Jacket

Branded Jackets Become Must-Have Street Wear

What makes Deliveroo's current hoodies so appealing is that they're premium high visibility jackets. The hi-vis part of the outfit is an essential element of the branding, alongside the standard logo and green colour scheme, because it helps the wearers stand out against traffic in the dark of night. However, this safety feature is what has helped make the jackets catch on as the ultimate fashion accessory.

Promotional Jackets For Sale Green Promotional Jackets in the Dark

In the underground world of raves and "wavey" (drunk/high) fashion, the way the hi-vis material reflects LED rave lighting making these jackets highly sought after by London youth. They're serious about authenticity too, only the real Deliveroo jacket will do - imposters aren't welcome! The UK's head of design for the brand took it all in stride, remarking recently that "It’s really humbling when you design something and it takes on meaning and value beyond what was originally intended..."

Promotional Jackets DHL Shirt Wear Promotional Jackets DHL Shirt

This isn't the first (nor, we assume, last) time that fashion has taken direct inspiration from a household brand's uniform. You may remember that last year DHL's t-shirts, worn by their couriers and staff, suddenly took off on catwalks the world over. While Deliveroo's promotional jackets have yet to show up in Milan, there can be little doubt that they're in for a similar high-end fate as secondhand jackets sell for hundreds of dollars online. So who knows, your brand might someday take on a life beyond your original intentions...


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