Adhesive notes are extremely useful products to have in your home or office. Jot a note down, stick it next to your monitor or into a notebook and you won't forget its contents easily. 3M, inventors of the original Post-it® Notes have come up with a range of extra sticky adhesive notes that ensure a great grip every time. How they've decided to advertise these new notepads may just surprise you!

Promotional Post-It Stunt Car View Promotional Post-It Stunt Notes

Customised Post-it® Notes That Won't Budge

We all know that Post-it® Notes adhere nicely thanks to 3M's specially developed glue, which is what helps make them the leading sticky note item in our promotional adhesive note range. But sometimes you need notes that won't budge -- which is why the company has developed "super sticky" notes that have up to twice the sticking power of regular Post-it® Notes. Best way to advertise how sticky they are? Cover a Ford Mustang GT in them and have a professional driver take the car around a course at over 200kms an hour!

Promotional Post-It Stunt Notes Moving Promotional Post-It Stunt Driving

While this in itself is outrageous enough to make you look twice at these office adhesives, the fact that the notes don't lift off is a whole other level of amazing. That's right, even hooning around a racetrack at over 200kms an hour won't knock these incredible custom pieces of paper off! There are lots of promotional stunts around, but this one shows quickly and clearly how tough the product is and just how useful it could be next time you need to place an important branded memo in a place where you'll see it.

Promotional Post-It Stunt With Car

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