Although we don't have the Cinnabon chain of baked goods kiosks here in Australia, we certainly are aware of how delicious things like buns and scrolls can be. Which is why we were keen to check out the kind of custom promotional products Cinnabon sold in their online store. The good news is that not only is Cinnabon's swag rather cool to look at, but it's also got some seriously fun designs and slogans we can all appreciate.

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Fun Slogans on Promotional Products

While a lot of the products that Cinnabon sells to promote its brand are similar to those being sold by other chains like KFC or Burger King (read: a lot of clothing), what sets the Cinnabon range apart from its competition is just how many silly, punny, slightly naughty slogans they managed to put together for their promotional t-shirts, logo branded jumpers, and kids clothes. These include;

  • "Workin on my six pack" (with a six-pack of cinnamon scrolls)
  • "I like big buns, and I cannot lie" (with a cinnamon bun)
  • "My head says gym, but my heart says Cinnabon"
  • "First I drink the coffee, then I'm on a roll"
  • "Rollin' with my homie" (featuring the Cinnabon logo)

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Why Do These Items Work?

Cinnabon has a playful, casual image in the US and these promotional clothes fully embrace that nature by being comfortable but fun. While it's fairly standard now for these food and beverage companies to promote their brands using clothing, Cinnabon isn't aiming to be a high fashion option. Their clothes are the kind of warm, snuggly products people would enjoy wearing at home or when hanging out with friends. The amusing slogans printed on the front of each product also assist with this image of a casual, enjoyable brand that isn't afraid to have some fun.

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Making It Work For Your Brand

Promoting your brand with humour will only work for some organisations -- it definitely can't be applied across the board. However, if your business or community group is a little more on the casual side, there's no reason that branding in a manner akin to Cinnabon wouldn't work for you. If you're not sure whether a slogan works with a particular product or you're not sure exactly what items you're after, then contact Cubic Promote's expert sales team for advice, samples, and ideas to help you achieve a campaign as good as this one!


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