A lot of restaurant chains these days are selling promotional clothing, particularly to offset losses incurred during COVID closures. In the US, famous dining chain Arby's has a new range of limited edition promotional hoodies & sweaters on the horizon, but these aren't regular pieces of marketing merchandise. In fact, the new Arby's loungwear has a lot more in common with their latest burger than you might guess...

smoked sweats branded arbys

Why Choose Custom Logo Hoodies & Pants?

Custom logo hoodies and sweat pants make great promotional gifts because they’re comfortable, stylish, and really get your brand name out there. As Aussies, we spend most of our time outdoors or hanging out with mates, so it’s no wonder customised corporate hoodies take centre stage when it comes to personalising clothing for promotional purposes. They provide a versatile item that can be worn for all manner of activities - from intimate outdoor picnics to cheering on our team at sports games, whilst showing off your brand's messaging.


Plus, hoodies look great layered beneath winter jackets too! Not only are these garments perfect for boosting visibility and recognisability in social settings but with quality printing options available like screen printing or embroidery you can guarantee your branding will stay put even after multiple wears and washes. Sweatpants also offer functionality where form may struggle if temperatures drop; practicality at its best! Which is why we were so intrigued by this campaign that combines the Arby's branding with these popular items of promo clothing.

Unique Promotional Clothes

Because so many restaurants are in the branded clothing game now it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. Arby's have found a solution to this by smoking their new logo hoodies and custom logo track pants like the meaty content of their Country Style Rib Sandwiches! Now smoking clothing to achieve a particular smell might seem a little odd, but you can appreciate why Arby's went in this direction. The company wants to get people to pay attention to their new Country Style Rib Sandwiches, which are cooked by professional pit masters. Selling customised clothing with the same distinct, inviting BBQ smell made through the same smoking process is definitely a way to get your message to go viral (we're talking about it Down Under, after all).

logo embroidered arbys pants arbys logo sweats custom

Limited Edition Marketing Merchandise

The Arby's sweats, with their smoky aroma, will be a limited edition from drop the company and with their extremely subtle branding they'd likely be a welcome addition to a lot of wardrobes in the US. But if you're an Aussie company wanting to get noticed with clothing that stands out, what options do you have? Well, here at Cubic Promote we have a lot of options for bespoke, short run, promotional clothing. These include:


  • Clothing Manufactured From Recycled Plastics
  • Full-Colour Professional Sports Team Uniforms
  • Water-Resistant Outwear With Branding
  • Fully-Tailored Loungewear for Hotels & Resorts
  • Customised Socks, Slippers, and Scarves


If you're keen to do your own limited run promotion using customised clothing then give our friendly team a call today to learn more about what's available!

Info and images from: https://arbyssmokedsweats.com/