Tomorrow is known in some parts of the world as the "National Day for listening" I am not talking about music (and I love music), but listening to friends and family. Listen to stories and memories, this all matters.

stress shaped ear nov 2019

Stress Ears, Perfect for Listening

I will share with you a secret. Of all the 18,000+ promotional items we stock and sell, which one do you think we sell the least of? You probably guessed it; it is the promotional stress ear toy.

The stress ear, in my opinion, has the most potential as a promotional product though. Why? Well, for many reasons:

1) You can use the ear shape to support any number of slogans that your company may have

2) The product is cheeky

3) Promotional stress ball ears are unique; we simply do not stock a more unique promo item.

Most if not all companies make mention of good customer service. Well, excellent service starts with listening, which is where I think stress shaped ears are perfect.

The Day for Listening

So back to the national day for listening. The day is devoted to listening to stories from family members and friends. These stories are essential to share. With these stories, both culture and heritage are passed down. With technology, these same stories can be quickly recorded. Save these sound files onto a cloud storage, and perhaps many generations down the track may also learn as well when they play them back on earphones.

Of all the days that are celebrated during the year, A national day for listening genuinely seems like a great idea.