Promotional coffee mugs are an office and home staple that allow you to express yourself while tucking into a good cup of joe or a lovely fresh tea. Some of our favourite mugs we've seen over the years in this industry are the ones that give us a good laugh. To spread the smiles, we're sharing some of our faves from around the web for you to check out and get inspired by.

personalised logo mug

Mugs with Funny Messages

Printed Mug for the Short Person in Your Office

short person logo mug

Mushu from Disney's Mulan is quoted here in a funny little inspirational mug for any vertically challenged person in your office. The bold colours make it extra memorable, and the black background means this logo printed ceramic mug is super easy to read.

Punny Logo Mug for Doctors or Students

punny logo mug

If you're a doctor, medical student, or work in a hospital, then you'll know it can be tough to keep trucking after a difficult day of helping the sick and injured. That's why this silly little logo pun mug is the perfect antidote to a drawn-out work day. A humerus bone from an anatomy textbook adds to the effect -- hand these out at a medical industry expo, recipients will love it!

Too-Busy-to-Interact Printed Mug

funny logo mug

Sick of getting caught up chatting in the kitchen with the office chatterbox? This personalised ceramic mug sends the message loud and clear --- you'll be back at your desk in no time!

Harry Potter Customised Fan Mug

harry potter logo mug

There's usually at least one aspiring wizard in any given workplace, and this is the customised mug for them! Full of unique Harry Potter-inspired artwork this mug will help them dream of Hogwarts when reality has them filing reports.

Promotional Mug for Introverts

antisocial logo mug

And finally, if you're still struggling to be social without your coffee, this quirky little indie-style coffee mug is the ideal way to drink your joe. Whether you're shy, tired, or too busy sometimes we can all agree the world outside can be a bit too people-y!

Custom Mugs for Brand Awareness

Looking to boost your brand awareness? Custom mugs with funny logos, messages or images provide a unique and effective way to engage customers.

  • Funny Logo Print Mug for Startups - Starting a new business can be tough, but it's important to stay positive and have some fun along the way. Invest in a funny logo print mug that will help make customers smile and promote brand awareness at the same time.
  • Customised Mugs as Corporate Gifts - If you're looking for a unique gift to give to clients or employees, customised mugs are always a hit. Add some humour with a funny message or image that represents your brand culture.
  • The Power of Laughter in Marketing - Studies show that laughter increases engagement in advertisements and helps people remember your brand. By utilising custom funny mugs in your marketing strategy, you'll create memorable experiences for consumers that they'll want to come back for more.

Funny Mug Personalisation Tips

If you're looking to create a personalised and humorous mug, there are several key elements to keep in mind such as wordplay, images, branding, colours and fonts, and choosing the best material.

  • Use Clever Wordplay - Wordplay is an underrated art form when it comes to designing personalised mugs. Get creative and come up with puns or clever one-liners that will make people chuckle when they see them.
  • Images are Key - A meme inspired image can be one way to get creative with personalised mugs - try adding in favourite characters from movies, TV shows, or comics that everyone in the office loves!
  • Don't Forget Branding - If you're creating funny promotional mugs for your business, don't forget to include branding elements like fonts and colours consistent with your brand identity. This adds professionalism while still being fun!
  • Play with Colours and Fonts - The colours and fonts used in your design can also add to the fun factor of your customised mug. Bold colours and playful fonts are eye-catching and can make your mug stand out from any ordinary coffee cup.
  • Choose the Best Material for Your Design - When it comes to personalising funny mugs, choosing the right material can make all the difference. Ceramic or porcelain are popular choices, but other options like glass or stainless steel may offer a unique look.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, printed mugs are a fun and effective way to express yourself or promote your brand. Whether you're looking for a laugh with colleagues or trying to engage customers, customised mugs with funny logos and messages can do the trick. When creating your own funny mug, remember to use clever wordplay, add images that everyone loves, include branding elements like colours and fonts consistent with your brand identity, play with bold colours and playful fonts while making sure to choose the right material for your design. So go ahead and get creative - let's spread some smiles over a cuppa!

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