I have attended trade shows in the past, some are buzzing with excitement and some are not. But one thing in common is every booth has heaps of promotional items ready for the taking. Besides giving away corporate merchandise, there are also factors to consider when you’re going to participate in trade shows or exhibits. And we will discuss it in this post.


  1. Choose trade shows carefully for better ROI.
  2. Create an inviting booth to attract prospects.
  3. Provide practical and unique promotional products.

Trade Shows: How to Prepare

Tips for a Successful Trade Show

If you have a trade show or exhibit a great list tips we have for you include: Before the show:

  1. Select the Show you would exhibit with care!! These shows can cost big time in money, time and resources. Be very critical in weighing up the benefits of a show. Are the audience likely customers for your company? Showing off to a couple of hundred very qualified targets is actually smarter than mass exposure to thousands of general browsers.
  2. There is always a Show Pamphlet or Manual. Read it! All expo's have a handy summary of everything you need to know. Ask for it. It should include a proposed or final schedule, registration information and forms, floor plans, exhibit specifications, invitations for potential speakers, and other important info.
  3. ID your Objectives. Be specific about what you want from the show. Is it to increase visibility, gain exposure to a lot of people who may be interested or anything else? With solid goals you can determine the value of the event.
  4. Develop a simple key message for your Booth. A simple theme or message will be remembered. A detailed theme or message will not be! Its important to convey a single strong message to draw in propsoects.
  5. Design an open, inviting booth. Things that obstruct such as tables are uninviting. A layout in a way that maximises walking around as well as having a logo that can be seen from a good distance is a great start. Use of interesting graphics are also great as well as a smart use of promotional merchandise to:
    A) Capture Passerby Attentions
    B) Retain Attention
    Its also handy to have a seperate higher quality range of branded merchandise reserved for genuine interested clients. Laptops and flat screen monitors are space efficient and comfortable chairs if your booth is big enough for prospects to linger are also a good idea.
  6. Remember to Advertise that you are participating. News releases, invitation to editors to stopy by at your booth, email distribution to existing customers and other methods are a good way to start.
  7. Order all necessary supplies, including brochures and promotional giveaways. Plan early for brochures and customised merchandise. These are absolute essentials in tradeshows. Simple stuff such as promotional pens with your web address and a catchy slogan can be very effective.
  8. Presentations & Demos. Simple sharp presentations look great will draw attention and will communicate you effectively to many people all at once.
  9. Create a unique identity for your booth staff. Decide on the uniform for your staff. Promotional T-shirts, will make your representatives easily identifiable.
  10. Train your exhibit staff before each show. Communicate to your staff on all the key items and knowledge they will need to present and demonstrate your product or service.

Promotional Products That Work

Not all promotional products are created equal, and some can be more effective than others. Here are some promotional products that have been proven to be effective at trade shows:

  • Pens and notepads: These are practical items that attendees can use during and after the trade show.
  • Reusable bags: These can be used to collect information and promotional items from other booths, making them a highly practical and visible product.
  • Drinkware: Quality drinkware such as promotional reusable mugs, water bottles, or coffee cups with your logo can be highly useful and sought after items.
  • Power banks and phone chargers: These products can be particularly useful for attendees who may need to charge their phones while at the trade show.
  • Tech accessories: Products such as logo printed phone grips or screen cleaners can be popular with attendees.

When choosing promotional products, it's important to think about the practicality, uniqueness, and relevance of the item, as well as ensuring it fits within your budget.


In conclusion, attending trade shows and exhibits can be a valuable opportunity to showcase your business and connect with potential customers. By carefully selecting the right show, setting clear objectives, and creating an inviting booth with captivating graphics and promotional merchandise, you can maximise your chances of success. Don't forget to advertise your participation, order necessary supplies in advance, and train your staff to effectively present and demonstrate your products or services. Lastly, when it comes to promotional products, choose practical, unique, and relevant items that fit within your budget. So, go ahead and make the most of your trade show experience!