We're all familiar with punctuation marks; they're the little additions to our everyday sentences that give things a little bit extra. If someone wants to make a clear point, they might use an exclamation mark! If someone has a question, they may use a question mark? But did you know that there are a lot more forgotten punctuation marks out there that are making a comeback in this modern age just in time for typography fans to take advantage of them!

Unique Font For Lost Punctuation Marks

Cool Typography for Promotional Designs

Although we'd never heard of some of these before now, it's amazing how useful some of these innovative punctuation marks included in the Progressive Punctuation font pack can be. Need to let people know you're being sarcastic (to help avoid confusion)? There's a sarcmark for that! Are you expressing doubt at someone's claim? There's a special "doubt" mark to cover you there. It seems like everything you normally want to express but can't through nothing but text is now achievable.

sarcasm font

doubt font

Sometimes it can be difficult to convey expressions through standard text alone when you're putting together marketing or promotion ideas, which is why these punctuation marks (some of which are hundreds of years old!) could make getting your message across that much simpler. Of course, they would have to become more common for people to pick up on some of the more obscure ones (like the sarcmark) but question marks combined with commas may well see more use down the track. Just another interesting idea to keep in mind when you tackle your next typography project.

quote font

First spotted here: http://www.creativebloq.com/news/lost-type-symbols-that-need-to-make-a-comeback