We've seen a lot of different types of face mask spring up over the past 6 months. From disposable to reusable options, designs from car manufacturers and fast food brands, with COVID-19 dominating our lives we've seen promotional face masks capture public attention across the board. However, we might have just spotted one of the most unique promotional mask options available -- one that boasts a unique aroma.

promotional bacon mask front

Smart Marketing Merchandise for 2020

America's Hormel foods, best known for their deli meats and small goods, has launched its own face mask that it doesn't describe as a face mask, it's a "smellicious innovation." This very unique promotional product is, well, a Hormel-branded mask boasting a bacon strip design on a multi-fibre fabric body. But it is the infused scent that makes this mask nose-catching as well as eye-catching, the Hormel bacon face mask is infused with a bacon scent. That's right, you can shield your face with this promotional mask while breathing in the irresistible aroma of bacon.

bacn branded mask with logo bacon branded mask side

Because face masks are a hot item this year it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to launch masks for a marketing purpose that also manage to capture the imagination (and headlines). Not only does the Hormel Breathable Bacon mask look and smell amazing, the company further sets it apart from the competition by declaring that each request for a mask (you enter a draw to win one, rather than purchase it outright) will result in the company donating one meal to the Feeding America charity as well. A mask that looks cool? Check. A mask that smells great? Check. A mask that helps those in need? Check. The Breathable Bacon mask really has it all!

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While we don't have any fragrant masks in stock, Cubic Promote can do a lot of great promotional face masks in styles and designs to match your marketing needs. If you're feeling a bit inspired by the Hormel promo mask then give our friendly team a call to discuss how you can make your own branded masks a reality.


Details first spotted here: https://www.breathablebacon.com/