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Promotional Bucket Hats Custom Printed with your Logo

Buy bucket hats custom printed with your graphic or logo. Bucket Hats have quickly become one of the fashion statements of the decade, with the younger generations adopting them as a pinnacle piece of apparel for their wardrobe. Our range is made of premium material, making them durable and fantastic at keeping the sun off your skin. So whether you are spending a day down at Bondi Beach or attending Splendor in the Grass music festival, the Bucket Hat is a consistent piece of headwear.

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We Screen Print, Embroider & Digitally Full-Colour Print

Cubic Promote has unique access to all the latest technology for banding, allowing us to offer screen print, digital full colour print and embroidery for all our Bucket Hats. For those logos with up to 3 colours, screenprint precisely emblazons your design onto the hat. Digital Full Colour print is for the colourful, intricate designs. This method perfectly recreates your design onto the bucket hat without losing any definition or causing the colours the blend together. Finally, embroidery is the last branding method available, stitching your logo or artwork into the hat, giving a fantastic finish and professional look.

Fast Shipping in Australia

With warehouses scattered around Australia, we can store our products locally. As a result, we can give a general turnaround of 2 weeks from artwork approval for all orders. However, if you require your bucket hats in a shorter time frame, we can accommodate this and deliver within seven working days anywhere in Australia.

What is a Bucket hat?

A bucket hat is a type of headwear typically made of soft cotton with a narrow brim. They can also be made from denim or canvas and worn as part of casual attire. Bucket hats also provide good sun protection for the face which makes them a popular uniform addition for anyone working at the beach or by the pool. Bucket hats pair perfectly for a day on the beach with our customised cotton calico bags.

Ideal Fashion Gifts

The recent adoption of Fisherman hats by the younger generations has become staple pieces of a person's outfit, making them fantastic gifts. This is especially prevalent for those companies involved in sun protection and skin cancer awareness as they can mix fashion and important messages. Bucket Hats are, therefore, a fantastic promotional item for these companies at conventions and exhibitions as gifts for those attending.

Caring for Branding on Bucket Hats

Bucket hats are a durable product that does not need constant or specific care to ensure long-lasting. However, Cubic Promote does suggest a few practices to ensure the branding lasts for as long as possible. First, every so often, we recommend that you should wash the bucket hat to remove sweat and grime that may have soaked into the fabric. Also, when not being used, they should be stored in temperate, dry places as being continually wet will negatively affect the branding.

FAQ on Bucket Hats

Do you supply Bucket Hats with branding?

Yes, we provide buckets hats with branding by using screen print, digital full-colour print and embroidery techniques.

What is the smallest number of bucket hats that I can order?

The minimum order quantity for bucket hats is 25 units but we can cater to even smaller orders upon request.

Are bucket hats the same as a wide brim hat?

No, bucket hats and wide brim hats differ in material and design. Wide brims are typically made from sturdy material such as straw or rugged leather and have a large bill, giving a more expansive shadow for protection from the sun. In contrast, bucket hats are soft, flexible materials with a sloped narrow brim.

Do your bucket hats come in different sizes?

Yes, we have an extensive range of bucket hat sizes, children's sizes and some universal sizes, ensuring bucket hat options that will fit most heads.

Can I get a bucket hat with my design over the entire hat?

Yes, we have several bucket hats which can be wholly sublimated with your design, covering the entire hat.

Protection from the Australian Sun

Promotional bucket hats are the ideal choice for organisations that care about their recipients' health and well being. Bucket hats shield their wearers from more of the sun's rays than caps which makes the perfect for outdoor-loving Aussies. Our bucket hats are very popular at events such as camping trips, fishing trips, off-site events, beach-related parties, corporate events, product launches, school functions, regional tradeshows and more. Bucket hats are quite versatile - in fact, you can substitute a bucket hat instead of a cap for almost any situation. Colour-wise you can select from a variety just as large as caps, but the bucket hat offers a unique visual appeal as well as added sun protection for your recipients.

Bucket Hats Branded for All Ages

Although there are different ways to brand a bucket hat, we tend to recommend embroidery for the best overall impact. The standard area for embroidery is the front forehead part of the hat. Other popular locations include branding on the side of the hat, the back and even on the rim of the hat itself for a more subtle look. Send us your logo and ask for our opinion, we would be glad to recommend you the best branding option based on your requirements. We produce bucket hats with custom branding so that you can wear them on your head. Various headwear sizes are available, please don't hesitate to ask about wearability and sizing.

Bucket Hats For Formal and Casual Wear

The structure of a bucket hat can mean the difference between it being considered formal or informal. It comes down to how structured the bucket hat is. We make hats from fabrics that are more rigid; this makes the hat sit more upright on a recipient's head and visually it makes the hat a lot more formal.

On the other end of the spectrum, we also make bucket hats from soft fabrics that make the product much more floppy. Visually these hats are a lot more laid back and are very informal. Perfect for long hot summer days! Which option is best for you depends on the type of visual style that you want your wearer to show.

Little Nippers & School Bucket Hats

Ask about having your bucket hat delivered with a matching uniform. We have experience in delivering a complete set of garments for school children as well as a uniform set for Surf Life Saving events for Little Nippers. These bucket hats are so iconic, and their image is so very Australian that your recipients will love them!

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Fast Shipping Australia Wide
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100% Warranty On All Our Work
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99% Customer Satisfaction Rating
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15 Million+ items Shipped
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