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Promotional Bucket Hats

We are proud to sell bucket hats featuring your unique logo or slogan design. While bucket hats might not be as popular as caps, they are very adaptable and perfect for the Australian environment. Here at Cubic Promote, we craft our entire range of bucket hats with fabrics that breathe easily and have a soft, comfortable finish. Your recipients can wear our bucket hats all day long in comfort and with ease thanks to these hard-wearing materials. Buy these iconic hats custom branded with your logo or graphic.

Protection from the Australian Sun

Promotional bucket hats are the ideal choice for organisations that care about their recipients' health and well being. Bucket hats shield their wearers from more of the sun's rays than caps which makes the perfect for outdoor-loving Aussies. Our bucket hats are very popular at events such as camping trips, fishing trips, off-site events, beach-related parties, corporate events, product launches, school functions, regional tradeshows and more. Bucket hats are quite versatile - in fact, you can substitute a bucket hat instead of a cap for almost any situation. Colour-wise you can select from a variety just as large as caps, but the bucket hat offers a unique visual appeal as well as added sun protection for your recipients.

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Buy Bucket Hats with Your Embroidered Logo

Although there are different ways to brand a bucket hat, we tend to recommend embroidery for the best overall impact. The standard area for embroidery is the front forehead part of the hat. Other popular locations include branding on the side of the hat, the back and even on the rim of the hat itself for a more subtle look. Send us your logo and ask for our opinion, we would be glad to recommend you the best branding option based on your requirements. We produce bucket hats with custom branding so that you can wear them on your head. Various headwear sizes are available, please don't hesitate to ask about wearability and sizing.

Bucket Hats For Formal and Casual Wear

The structure of a bucket hat can mean the difference between it being considered formal or informal. It comes down to how structured the bucket hat is. We make hats from fabrics that are more rigid; this makes the hat sit more upright on a recipient's head and visually it makes the hat a lot more formal.

On the other end of the spectrum, we also make bucket hats from soft fabrics that make the product much more floppy. Visually these hats are a lot more laid back and are very informal. Perfect for long hot summer days! Which option is best for you depends on the type of visual style that you want your wearer to show.

Tips on Cleaning Your Bucket Hat

We recommend cleaning your bucket hat with simply a soft damp cloth. If possible avoid using washing machines. The shape and the colour tend to get a little ruined when used in a washing machine. For stains, we recommend using a mild soap and hand washing the affected area with warm water. Avoid scrunching the bucket hat and avoid heavy-handed scrubbing. Instead, opt for light brushing until the stains are cleaned off. Allow drying outdoors in indirect sunlight. Cleaning your bucket hat in this manner will ensure you will have a great looking hat for a long time to come.

Little Nippers & School Bucket Hats

Ask about having your bucket hat delivered with a matching uniform. We have experience in delivering a complete set of garments for school children as well as a uniform set for Surf Life Saving events for Little Nippers. These bucket hats are so iconic, and their image is so very Australian that your recipients will love them!

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