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Forge lasting corporate relationships, reward team players in your organisation, or simply thank clients for their loyalty, Cubic Promote provides a range of bulk corporate gifts featuring your unique logo decoration. Every promotional business gift on our website is available in bulk quantities at wholesale prices. We provide custom gifts ranging from cheap through to luxurious premium gifts (such as personalised Parker pens). Our experienced team custom brands each business gift with your preferred artwork or text, ensuring that you have the perfect item to give to those important to your business.

Various kinds of Luxury Pen

Save Money by Ordering Gifts in Bulk

Enjoy large savings on standard wholesale pricing when you buy your corporate gifts from Cubic Promote in bulk. The larger the order of promotional products, the cheaper the overall delivery and production costs are. We pass these savings directly onto you so you can confidently buy your gifts from us no matter the size of your bulk order.

Why People Order Promo Products in Bulk

The primary motivation for obtaining custom corporate presents in large quantities lies in the substantial cost benefits they offer. As the number of items ordered grows, the expense per item decreases due to economies of scale, making bulk purchases financially feasible for many organisations. Moreover, this budget-friendly approach allows companies to supply their target market with a tangible representation of their brand without incurring exorbitant costs.

Another essential consideration is the capacity to maintain uniformity across the collection of promotional products. Bulk orders guarantee that every item bears the same design, emblem, and branding, thereby emphasising the brand's identity and message. This consistency helps to create a solid presence in recipients' minds, augmenting the overall promotional strategy.

What Products Make The Best Bulk Corporate Gifts

When it comes to selecting promotional items, a vast array of possibilities is available. Businesses frequently choose practical and functional objects that individuals can use daily. Some well-liked choices include:

Writing Materials

Logo-emblazoned pens, journals, and memo pads are straightforward yet potent instruments that serve as constant reminders of the brand.

Beverage Containers

Personalised drinking bottles, cups, and insulated flasks are practical, eco-conscious alternatives that can inspire recipients to adopt environmentally friendly habits.

Technological Gadgets

The growing dependence on technology makes branded USB drives, portable chargers, and mobile phone holders highly sought-after promotional items.


Top-quality branded apparel such as T-shirts, hats, and outerwear allows recipients to become living advertisements for the brand.

Reusable Bags

Customised shopping bags with striking designs can generate brand visibility while encouraging eco-conscious behaviours.

Cost Effective Promotional Presents

Large-scale custom corporate presents are an influential and cost-effective method for promoting brand awareness and forging enduring connections. By selecting appropriate items and maintaining a consistent design, businesses can exploit the full potential of these promotional instruments to reinforce their brand identity and leave a lasting impression.

Cubic Promote, as a reliable Aussie bulk gift supplier, will provide bulk corporate gift baskets, hampers, and gift assortments upon request. If you're not sure what to give your key recipients, contact our professional sales team, and we will guide you to the bulk corporate gift that is right for you.

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David is a sales manager at Cubic Promote with over 13 years of experience in the promotional product industry. David is the resident expert on promotional pens, corporate gift packs, and promotional product distribution across multiple departments. Visit him on LinkedIn.

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