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Business cards are an essential component of corporate networking, which means a stylish business card holder is bound to go down a treat with recipients from a variety of industries. Don't let the cards you collect while meeting clients, attending expos or travelling end up getting lost or tattered. Store your cards in a card holder, box or case branded with your logo or slogan for easy access and tidiness. Passers-by and clients alike will be impressed by your clean and tidy cards, as well as with your featured branding. Card holders and cases also make fantastic corporate gifts, so make sure you grab some for the whole department!

Promotional Card Boxes With Your Branding

Business card holders are compact accessories made to keep custom business cards secure. Many people keep two such cases handy - one for their personal business cards and one for the business cards they receive from others. All the card holders, boxes and cases we make use quality material to ensure they can last for many years. We brand each accessory with your logo using the best branding techniques. Depending on the surface of the unit you may opt to go with pad printing or laser engraving for your logo design. If you're not sure which method suits the style of product you've selected, please don't hesitate to ask our friendly sales team for advice.

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Made to Fit Standard Business Card Sizes

Cubic Promote's boxes and cases are made to fit standard business card sizes which measure 9 x 5.4cm. In the small chance that your business uses half-sized or custom sized business cards, we recommend utilising the cases by placing half-sized business cards side by side for maximum protection.

Our slimmest options for card cases will easily carry 12 standard cards while our thicker and larger boxes can hold 24, 36 or even more cards (depending on style). The actual number of cards that a card box can hold may depend on the thickness of your corporate business cards. If in doubt, please ask for product dimensions or a physical sample.

Why Use Business Card Holders?

These days it is easy to assume that everything is digital, but in truth, old-fashioned products like business cards are still popular and in use around Australia. When you attend conferences and conventions, business cards are exchanged in addition to digital details. Ensure you cover both bases by providing your team with branded business card holders to take to these critical events. This way they will always have their contact details handy to help build your business network.

Weight of Promotional Card Holders

Other than price or the colour of your card boxes, you may wish to consider the weight of a card holder. Typically at conferences or networking events staff tend to carry their business cards inside boxes that will, in turn, be inside handbags, briefcases, shirt pockets, back pockets, or held in hand. As such, many people prefer a light weight option for their card holders. It is worth considering, however, that a lightweight box will mean fewer cards can be carried around during your event. A heavier box typically allows for more cards to be held at any given time. It is important to weigh up the value of each option based on your recipients' requirements

The material of a card holder also affect its weight. Card holder boxes come in these standard available finishes and weights:

  • Plastic Card Box: Light in Weight.
  • Aluminium Card Holder: Light in Weight (similar to plastic).
  • Steel Card Case: Heavier in Weight (heavier than metal).
  • Leather Card Box: Heaviest Option as they are typically lined with metal to make them rigid.

Buy Personalised Business Cards in Cases

Cubic Promote also prints custom business cards so if you're looking to save both time and money; we can print your cards and deliver them already in a box, ready to hand out. We have a large range of print and paper options available for you to personalise your business card to suit your card holder. A business card and holder set to make a fantastic welcoming gift for brand new team members to your company, or as vital equipment for expo attendance.

Turnaround time is very quick at around two weeks for us to personalise your box with your logo, print your cards and compile them together.

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