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Buy custom business shirts printed with your graphic or logo, perfect for company uniforms to display at any trade show and for employee uniforms. Business shirts are an excellent promotional item aimed at many professionals, with a customized range of options available, ranging from various shirt styles including button down dress shirts, printed t shirts, printed tees, polo shirts and many other custom business shirts designs to choose from. We carry a wide array of shirts which are trendy and fashionable designs, perfect for the entire team! So whether you are meeting your client at a restaurant, attending a conference or simply going to your day job, then business t shirts are a perfect choice.

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We Embroider Business Shirts

We expertly stitch your brand or logo onto the business shirt's surface using the latest embroidery technology according to your design (such as a logo on the left chest side). The finished product is a business shirt professionally embroidered with your company logo or additional colors to represent your company logo, that is lasting and boldly displayed to display your company brand.

Fast Shipping in Australia

Our business shirts and polo shirts are stocked right here in Australia, and they are ready to be personalised with your company logo. Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks, including delivery. However, if you require your personalized company t shirts sooner, please let us know at the time of order, and we should be able to accommodate with a 5-day production turnaround time.

What is a Business Shirt?

A business shirt, also known button-up shirt, is an item of clothing with a collar and a full-length opening at the front, which is fastened with buttons. They are available in various styles and colours to suit your desired outfit of the day. This is perfect for many professionals who attend different casual, semi-casual, and formal occasions. And having shirts branded with your logo makes anyone who wears them represent your whole business, proudly presenting your logo to anyone they meet. To enhance your professional look further, try pairing our shirts with custom printed ties or even one of our stylish polo shirts and company dress shirts options.

FAQ on Office Shirts

Do you supply business shirts with logo branding?

Yes, we supply business shirts with your custom branding. We can have your logo embroidered on any part of the business shirt, in front, back or even on the sleeves.

What is the smallest number of business shirts that I can order?

The minimum quantity of business shirts we can supply is 25 units.

Can you provide samples for fitting?

Yes, we can organise a sample delivered for fitting, or you can visit our showroom in Sydney during business hours.

Can you make shirts featuring my custom design all over?

Yes, we can fully customise the business shirts subject to design approval. So send us your art, and we'll have them checked by our experts to confirm.

What shirt styles do you have available?

We have short sleeves, long sleeves, three quarters, plain, stripes, tri-colour, etc.

Caring For Your Branded Business Shirt

Business shirts require a little bit more care than casual garments. After all, the presentation of the shirt is a lot more important during business hours. To care for your shirt, we recommend you clean them using a washing machine bag placed inside a washing machine. This bag will protect them from being wrapped around the interior of the device or torn. If you have hard to remove stains, a good idea would be to use commercial stain cleaners or to use a half cup of bi-carbonate soda inside your laundry along with your regular washing powder.

White shirts require more care than coloured blue shirts. Care for your shirt by avoiding unsightly yellow underarm stains from chemicals commonly found in deodorants. Instead, use deodorants made using natural plant extracts, avoiding zinc where possible. The yellow stains are caused by the deodorant content rather than body sweat itself. When you minimise chemicals, you minimise the possible reaction with your shirt material.

What are Basic Office Shirts and Blouses?

Business shirts are pieces of clothing worn on the upper torso in the workplace. Our business shirts range from premium attire such as branded Van Heusen tops through to our our most cost effective but still high-quality standard shirt range.

Fitting Suggestions for Corporate Shirts

To fit a business shirt correctly the most important measurement to obtain is that of the chest area. Professional designers measure at either half chest or full chest size. To measure half chest size, go between your left-hand side armpit and right-hand side armpit. To measure full chest size, wrap a tape measure around your entire chest just below the armpits. The next important fitting criteria are the shoulders.

Ensure that the shoulder seam sits within 1cm of the wearer's shoulder. Knowing where the shoulder seam will provide you with a sleek uniform look. The third most important aspect is the torso area, which generally speaking is a bit more flexible as wearers can usually tuck their shirts.

Selecting the Right Colour Shirt For Your Organisation

Choosing business attire colours is a simple decision between the standard available shirt colours including whites, blues, blacks, and in some instances brown. Whichever colour closely matches your corporate colour scheme is usually the one you will select. If you are after a unique tailored look, then ask about having your shirt made in custom colour shades and patterns.

Ask our friendly sales team for more information about custom colour clothing options. One thing to consider when you select your shirt is to choose garments that do not highlight body sweat easily. If in doubt ask for samples before you place your order, to be sure that the shirt is the correct garment for you.

Visit Our Shop for a Free Fitting

Visit our shop located in the heart of Sydney CBD to see our range of promotional clothing and for free fitting service for our range of business wear. (we are open Monday to friday 9-5pm). Make an appointment today!

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If you are not located in Sydney, but in Melbourne, Queensland, Canberra, South Australia or Western Australia, we organise a fitting service sample pack for you.

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