Promote Your Product with Personalised Cookies and Nibbles

Using cookies and nibbles as promotional items adds a little bit of fun to conferences, business meetings, sales events, trade shows and other industry events. If you do not think that little bites of foods like cookies and peanuts cannot be given out as personalised items then you have not really been around much. Customised cookies and nibbles are some of the most popular promo items given out by companies. They draw a lot of attention and are therefore great advertising vehicles for any product.

A cool thing about these types of giveaways is that people are very eager to get them. If you keep them in your conference or exhibit booth, you can be sure that crowds will gather. You must take make the most of this opportunity to tell them something about your products as they nibble on your goodies. You should be careful though because perishable food items may not keep well in hot temperatures but you can make them last for a longer time if they are packed smartly. You should inform your supplier about the place where you plan to give out your custom-branded cookies and nibbles.

The Way to People’s Hearts

While good food will always win people over, a tastefully picked promo item and its smart packaging will keep your company or product on people’s minds for a long time. During workshops and seminars, attendees will reach for that bag of chips or cookies you handed out on the conference floor and remember your company. You need to make your promo item stand out from the rest by picking the right packaging or container and coming up with a tasteful print design.

There are several options for packaging branded cookies and nibbles. You can always go for the most basic which would be the cellophane bags. Other packaging include, small tin buckets, cookie jars, canisters, mugs and more. When picking a container for your custom-printed nibbles, your primary consideration should be the placement of your logo. Ask yourself whether the container you will use will be able to carry your printed logo well.

The branded nibbles themselves can be anything from peanuts to fortune cookies, crackers, and shortbreads. Since these items are perishable it would be wiser to have them in containers that can be used by people for other purposes after they have consumed the contents. Be the star of your next trade show by handing out custom-printed cookies and other nibbles to attendees.

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