Car Chamois

Promotional Car Chamois

Buy car chamois clothes custom printed with your design or logo. These promotional cleaning cloths from Cubic Promote offer a streak-free solution for keeping cars clean and spotless.

Perfect for car washes, auto shows, or as customer loyalty gifts, these chamois make maintaining a clean car simple and efficient, enhancing your brand’s association with quality and practicality.

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What is a Custom Branded Car Polish Cloth?

A car chamois is a soft and absorbent cloth used to clean and dry vehicles while leaving a markless finish on paintwork. They are made from a substance similar to synthetic rubber or leather that is highly absorbent and great at leaving a streak-free finish. It just takes one piece of this to dry an entire vehicle, and because it is so soft, it will not scratch any of the surface areas of the car in the process. In addition, our promotional car chamois has a designated branding area large enough to show off your brand's logo or message.

Care Tips for Personalised Chamois Towels

Here are some pointers on how to care of chamois:

  • The chamois should be washed after each use in clean, soapy water
  • Don't use fabric softener or bleach when cleaning a chamois.
  • When washing your chamois, make sure to use only chemical-free water.
  • The best way to clean chamois is by hand, and they should be allowed to dry naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Printed Car Drying Towels

Do you supply car chamois with custom printing?

Yes, we offer car chamois that are imprinted with your logo utilising pad printing and screen printing.

What is the minimum order required?

A minimum purchase of 50 chamois is required.

Is there a difference in absorbency between natural and synthetic chamois?

Natural chamois are often more absorbent than synthetic alternatives, but advancements in materials have narrowed this gap significantly.

Can a car chamois be used on all parts of a car?

Yes, a car chamois is safe for use on all car surfaces, including paintwork, glass, and plastic parts, without scratching.

How often should I replace my car chamois?

With proper care, a high-quality chamois can last several years. Replace it if you notice it becoming stiff, cracked, or less absorbent.


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