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Promotional Car Sunshades

Buy your promotional custom sun shade custom printed with your graphic or logo to protect your car from uv rays and advertise your business or organisation. Windshield sun shades are ideal promotional items for hot and sunny Australia, as they protect the car from the damage of uv rays and can be custom fit to your exact windshield specifications. Each car shade comes custom branded with your logo or slogan, and your recipients will use them to protect the interior of their vehicle from the glaring sunshine, with optional suction cups to help them grip to the windshield of their vehicle better. Cubic Promote stocks a wide assortment of different sunshades and sun visors for cars and trucks alike, each ideal for boosting your brand visibility and blocking dashboard materials from potential cracking due to the hot temperatures that can weather during the summer months. So whether you're a real rev-head with a hotted-up Mazda or you just take a drive to the shops on Sundays, these promotional sunshades are a great choice, no matter the driver. Our online prices for our custom fit and designed windshield shade all exclude GST and are listed in Australian dollars.

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We Screen Print & Sublimation Print Car Shades

Using the latest screen printing technology, the Cubic Promote team will screen print your logo or graphic in up to 3 colours onto the outer surface of your custom fit windshield shades. Alternatively, we offer full-colour, photographic sublimation printing options for more complex and vibrant designs to give your custom sun shades the touch of excellence they deserve to give recipients that new car feeling. Whatever your choice, the result is a bulk order of professionally printed car shades featuring your unique design on your custom sun shades.

Fast Shipping Australia

We stock car sunshade options in Australia that we will print and send to you within 2 weeks from your order placement. We also offer longer turnaround times for overseas produced orders requiring sublimation branding depending on the custom design you choose for your sun shade, to help maintain Cubic Promotes excellent quality standards and minimise the sun damage on your truck or vehicle dash board and steering wheel. If you need your sun shade designs quickly for a car show or promotion, let us know, and we'll work towards your urgent deadline, to fit your exact windshield design and protect your vehicle from harmful uv rays and display your brand or logo across your window shades.

What is a Car Sun Shade?

Vehicle sun shades are thin shields of material, usually made with some insulation properties, placed inside cars or trucks to prevent the sun from leaking into the vehicle's interior. A car sun shade is normally placed under the rear view mirror of the vehicle and protects the dash/back of your mirror from cracking due to long exposure to sunlight over time. A sun shade for your vehicle is a great purchase for the interior of your vehicle, protecting interior surfaces from cracking in the summer and saving you lots of money in repair costs.Because window sun shades help keep sunlight from inside the car or truck, they assist in keeping vehicles cooler overall and may also prevent the sun from fading interior fittings.

A car sun shade can also be called windshield shades or window shields. Because they offer ample branding space visible from outside the vehicle, they are a popular choice for brand promotion by car retailers, vehicle events, repair shops, and a broad range of businesses.

How To Care for the Branding on Your Window Sun Shades

The print on your window sun shade should last for a minimum of 2 years after purchase. We recommend avoiding scratching the print as it may damage the finish or remove parts of the print entirely, and to gently place it under the rear view mirror to prevent damage to the fibre structures. If your sun shade look dirty or dusty, we recommend wiping them down with a microfibre cloth to remove any surface material. You can then go back and wipe them down again with a moistened microfibre cloth to attack more deeply lodged stains. You may also apply a light dishwashing liquid to remove any built-up stains.

FAQs on Windshield Shades

Do you supply vehicle windshield shades complete with custom printing?

Yes, we sell windshield shades for various vehicles, all of which feature your custom decoration.

What is the minimum order quantity for branded car sunshades?

The smallest number of car sunshades we can supply is 100 units per order.

Can you make car sunshades with my print all over them?

Yes, while most standard sun shade designs can only be printed in one specific position using screen print, we also offer sublimation printed sunshades that offer edge-to-edge, full-colour photographic decoration.

Do you have sunshade options for trucks, utes, and vans too?

Yes, we absolutely have sunshade options for all sorts of vehicles, not just cars. Speak with our team to learn more today.

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