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Nobby's Nuts Promotional Products Case Study

Nobby's Nuts

About the Client: Nobby’s is Australia's largest nuts brand, manufactured by The Smith's Snackfood Company, the Australian snacks division of PepsiCo. Nobby's Nuts have a long and colourful history in the minds of Aussies, primarily because of their playful slogan "Nibble Nobby's nuts" which often factors into their marketing campaigns (and has done for decades). Not only is the brand known for being fun, they are also the most popular nut choice in Australian pubs and clubs, as well as supermarkets and you can find countless Nobby's nuts flavours and mixes available to buy when you're feeling a tad peckish.

Our Brief: The marketing team came to Cubic Promote in need of around 9 products, but unsure of what products they wanted, and with no clear design in mind. Working closely with the marketing team representing Nobby's for this campaign, we helped develop slogans and designs during this collaboration period. While this granted us a lot of freedom, it also meant a lot of work to narrow down what was appropriate for the brand and what didn't fit with their culture and image.

Our Solution: We familiarised ourselves with the history of Nobby's Nuts and previous successful campaigns, as well as the Aussie snack culture to which the nuts belong. This helped us come up with product recommendations like branded bottle openers and custom drink coasters, that fit perfectly with the brand's long history producing snacks suitable for drinking or parties. The bucket hats and promotional aprons were perhaps our favourite product solutions as they allowed us to come up with some extremely playful designs, with the apron graphic being complex to execute but undoubtedly the stand-out product from the range (it does feature a naked gentleman, after all). Overall this was an exciting campaign to work on and an extremely creative venture for our team.

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