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Promotional Cooler Bags Custom Printed with your Logo

Add an order of Promotional Cooler Bags to your cart today, brandable with your logo or artwork. Cool Bags are a perfect item for any household that loves a day at the park accompanied by a nice cool beverage or a grand cheese platter. Our quality cold bags are guaranteed to keep any refrigerated product cool throughout a picnic day, ensuring it is edible whenever you feel the growl of a hungry stomach.

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We Pad Print and Digitally Full Colour Print

With access to top of the range decoration equipment and technology, we can brand any logo or artwork onto our range of Cooler Bags. For those logos with up to 3 colours, Pad Printing is an inexpensive technique that accurately places your brand brilliantly onto the front of your Promotional Cool Bag. Digital Full Colour Print, another method, can take those more complicated, intricate artworks and print them perfectly on the bag without losing any colour or definition.

Fast Shipping in Australia

The standard production time for custom chiller bags is two weeks from your art approval and invoice payment, but if you need yours sooner just let us know, and we'll work to meet your deadline. We deliver everywhere in Australia, including NSW, VIC, QLD, ACT, TAS, WA, NT, and SA. If you need your bags urgently then let us know as we can cater to 3 day rush orders in certain circumstances.

What is a Cooler Bag?

A Cooler Bag is a flexible, zippered bag designed to hold a constant cool temperature within. Keeping the contents cool is achieved by the inside container being made of cotton with an aluminium film. The bag is insulated by a layer of insulation cotton and then covered by polyester material. Cold Bags come in various sizes and carrying capacities, making them ideal for any picnic day.

How to care for the branding on Cooler Bags

We recommend the following strategies to ensure that you get the most extended life out of your cooler bag and its branding.

  • At all times, try to ensure that the Cooler Bag is not sitting in direct sunlight, as this will cause the logo or artwork to begin fading.

  • If the bag gets dirty, wipe the outside with a warm wet cloth and soapy water and then hang out to dry in the shade.

  • When carrying food, ensure that the products are within closed containers, especially those of liquid consistency.

  • Finally, if there are any spills, clean out the bag quickly using the same method for cleaning the outside of the cooler bag.

FAQ on Branded Chiller Bags

Do you supply chiller bags with custom printing?

Yes, we sell chiller bags with your custom decoration.

What is the smallest number of insulated bags I can order?

The smallest number of chiller bags for one order is 25 units.

Can you make cooler bags in custom sizes?

Yes, we can create cooler bags in a custom shape. A custom shaped chiller bag will be an indent order and will have a high minimum order quantity of approximately 2000 units.

Are cooler bags the same as iceboxes or eskys?

No, cooler bags are a different product from ice boxes and eskys. Iceboxes and eskys are large, rigid, and hold ice. In contrast, cooler bags tend to be smaller, flexible, and hold ice packs rather than free ice blocks. In addition, they are designed to be easily portable by one person and carry enough food for them and potentially one more individual.

What kind of products can I put in a cooler bag?

Cold Bags hold perishable foods that need to be kept cold until consumption. Ideally, the food is self-containing, or it will need to have a sealed container. Ice packs are required to keep the bag cool instead of raw ice cubes.

Custom Chiller Bags as a Gift or for Sampling Distribution

Our customised chiller bags are extremely popular with Australian organisations. Use cooler bags as business gifts (sometimes pre-packed with food and wine). Our cooler bags branded with your logo are also a popular way to distribute food sampling products. The bags not only provide marketing exposure when they are pre-branded, but they provide protection from the elements. If you are handing out products that are dependent on temperature for optimal consumption, then a customised chiller bag is an absolute essential.

Tips to Get the Best Temperature Insulation

To get the most out of your promotional branded cooler bag here are some quick, easy tips.

  1. Make sure all your contents are clean and sealed in self-contained bags or containers. Dirt will lead to all sorts of nasties, including smells and bacteria which is something you do not want.

  2. Use ice packs or gel packs. To maintain the temperature that you want inside a cooler bag pack in an ice or gel pack. Get the pack either hot or freezing depending on your needs.

  3. We do not recommend putting ice directly into the bag, as it will risk damaging the bag. Raw ice should only be placed into cooler box's that have hard plastic walls.

  4. Store items at their maximum temperature into the bag. The bag itself will never reach a temperature high enough to change the temperature of your food and drink. Keep food inside the chiller bag as long as possible until they are just about ready to be consumed.

  5. Pack in towels to fill in empty gaps and spaces. An empty gap or space will result in your items rolling around and worse still the movement will cause excessive loss of temperature energy. The fact that the towels will prevent spills is a bonus too.

Cheap Branded Cooler Bags & Premium Options

We carry cooler brands in all sorts of different price brackets to ensure you have a product that meets your requirements. All our cooler bags will provide hours of insulation for the recipient. Cheaper cooler bags are the best in value, but they do have a disadvantage in that they do not retain their temperature as well as premium options. Pricier chiller bags tend to provide greater insulation for longer durations.

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Blue Cooler Bag

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Cooler Bag

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Fast Shipping Australia Wide
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100% Warranty On All Our Work
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