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Promotional Cooler Bags

Cubic Promote is proud to offer an extensive selection of promotional cooler bags, the perfect solution for keeping your snacks and drinks at the ideal temperature while also promoting your brand. These custom cooler bags can be imprinted with your company's logo, ensuring that your brand gains visibility every time someone uses these colourful and fully insulated items.

Our Range of Personalised Cooler Bags Australia

Our range includes a variety of sizes, from the convenient lunch cooler bags suitable for school or office environments to the larger drum cooler bags that can store all your refreshments for the next big outdoor event. Each insulated cooler bag is designed to maintain coolness throughout the day, transforming them into highly effective promotional products that provide excellent value.

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Printing Excellence on Custom Cooler Bags

At Cubic Promote, we utilise the latest in decoration technology to expertly brand your logo or artwork onto our custom cooler bags. For designs with up to three colours, pad printing is an affordable option that produces a crisp, clear impression. For more complex logos featuring multiple colours or detailed images, we recommend digital transfer printing, which reproduces intricate designs perfectly without any loss of detail or colour. With Cubic Promote's expertise, your promotional cooler bags will look exceptional.

Preview Your Branded Cooler Bags with Our Virtual Mock-Ups

Experience how your brand will look on the custom cooler bags with our professional design team's mock-up service. This complimentary feature ensures you can see a preview of your customised cooler bags before making any decisions.

Evaluate Our Insulated Cooler Bag Range in Person

To personally assess the quality of our cooler bags, we invite you to request unbranded samples. Available for just the shipping cost, this option allows you to inspect the craftsmanship and materials firsthand before placing a bulk order.

Quality Checks with Pre-Production Samples of Branded Cooler Bags

Our commitment to your satisfaction is evident from the option to obtain pre-production samples of your chosen cooler bags, complete with your branding, for a nominal fee covering all associated costs from manufacturing to delivery. This step gives you the confidence to proceed with your full order, knowing exactly what you’ll be receiving.

Expert Artwork Advice for Exceptional Branding on Custom Cooler Bags

For optimal branding results on your customised cooler bags, we advise providing your logo in an Adobe Illustrator file format, such as EPS or AI, with editable vector outlines. We also accept Adobe PDF files with vector paths, though we recommend avoiding PDFs that originate from lower-resolution formats like JPG. If your logo exists only in JPG, GIF, PNG, or similar formats, our skilled graphic designers can recreate it for a service fee.

Swift Delivery for Personalised Cooler Bags Australia

Our standard production time frame for promotional cooler bags with your custom design is two weeks. If you're facing an urgent deadline for branded cooler bags, let us know, and we'll expedite the process to meet your needs. We ship nationwide, including all major regions in Australia, and can also deliver personalised cooler bags to New Zealand and other international locations upon request.

What are Promotional Cooler Bags?

An insulated cooler bag is not just any bag—it's a specialised container with an insulated inner lining that keeps its contents at a stable temperature. Many lunch cooler bags and other thermal bags feature a waterproof PEVA inner liner for food and beverage protection, complemented by a thick layer of PE foam insulation for temperature control.

Our selection of custom cooler bags spans a variety of styles and sizes. From meal-sized lunch cooler bags to jute thermal bags and larger models perfect for storing cans and bottles, Cubic Promote has a cooler bag to fit every need. And for those special occasions, we offer insulated bags designed specifically for wine bottles, ideal for keeping your drinks chilled.

Caring for Your Branded Cooler Bags

To maximise the lifespan of your insulated cooler bag and maintain the quality of its branding, avoid direct sunlight exposure and clean it with a warm, soapy cloth when necessary. It's also advisable to use sealed containers or bottles to prevent spills inside your thermal bags.

Tips for Maximising Temperature Insulation in Your Cooler Bag

Here are some tips for getting the best insulation performance from your promotional cooler bags:

  • Ensure items are clean and stored in airtight bags or containers to avoid odours and contamination in thermal bags.
  • Opt for ice or gel packs to maintain the desired internal temperature of the insulated cooler bag. Choose whether you need them hot or cold based on what you’re carrying.
  • Avoid placing loose ice inside the thermal bags to prevent potential damage; raw ice is best suited for hard-walled cooler boxes.
  • Keep items within the branded cooler bags at their optimal temperature until they're ready to be served.
  • Use towels to fill any empty spaces in thermal bags which can help maintain temperature and prevent items from moving around, with the added benefit of containing spills.

FAQs on Personalised Cooler Bags Australia

Do you offer branded cooler bags with personalised print options?

Absolutely, we provide bulk orders of custom cooler bags with bespoke branding.

What’s the minimum order quantity for personalised cooler bags Australia?

We offer personalised cooler bags Australia starting with a minimum order of 25 pieces.

Can you produce branded cooler bags in specific dimensions?

Indeed, we are capable of manufacturing insulated shopping bags tailored to unique specifications, including various materials such as waterproof fabrics, distinct handle designs, and custom-sized zipper closures.

For a tailor-made insulated cooler bag, a minimum order of around 2000 units is necessary, and production may take up to 12 weeks. However, the advantages of creating a bespoke line of insulated shopping bags or other thermal bags are numerous, so we encourage you to reach out to discuss this opportunity further.

How do cooler bags differ from ice boxes or eskys?

Cooler bags are not the same as iceboxes or eskys. Unlike the larger and harder iceboxes and eskys designed to contain ice directly, cooler bags are smaller, pliable, and intended for use with ice packs. They are also made to be conveniently carried by one person.

What items are suitable for promotional cooler bags?

Our nylon insulated shopping bags are perfect for carrying perishable items that require refrigeration. These items should ideally be packaged or placed in sealed containers.

To maintain the cool temperature inside lunch cooler bags, you can use a small ice pack or include a frozen beverage or item, which will help keep the internal environment cooler for a longer period.

Promotional Cooler Bags for Gifts or Sample Distribution

Insulated shopping bags serve as excellent gifts for clients or employees. They can be utilised for business gifts filled with gourmet items or distributed at events to keep beverages chilled. Our lunch and shopping cooler bags customised with your logo are also ideal for distributing sample products at markets or for keeping wine cool at vineyards. These bags not only offer brand visibility when printed with your logo but also protect their contents from temperature fluctuations.

Why not pair your excellent customer service with our extensive selection and competitive pricing? Cubic Promote is your go-to source for promotional product needs, including rush orders. Our range of lunch cooler bags with thermal lining and various handle options ensures your items stay cooler for longer. 

Affordable and Premium Insulated Cooler Bag Options

Whether you're looking for cost-effective solutions or premium insulated shopping bags, Cubic Promote has options to suit your budget and insulation needs. Our range of cooler bags offers hours of temperature maintenance, with pricier options delivering extended insulation performance.

Why Choose Cubic Promote for Personalised Cooler Bags Australia?

When it comes to selecting promotional items that stand out, lunch cooler bags are an exceptional choice for enhancing your brand's visibility at outdoor events, family picnics, or corporate gatherings. Cubic Promote delivers a wide array of cooler bags, ranging from lunch cooler bags perfect for daily use to large, insulated shopping bags ideal for grand outdoor events. All our cooler bags are available for customization with your brand's logo or personalised message.

Choosing Cubic Promote’s personalised cooler bags Australia means your brand stays with your clients or employees during every outing and adventure. Begin your branding journey with our high-quality cooler bags, clearly priced in Australian dollars and exclusive of GST.

Product & Quality Guarantee

At Cubic Promote, quality is our cornerstone. Should the promotional cooler bags you receive not align with your standards, or if they sustain any damage during delivery, we will provide replacements at no additional charge. Our commitment extends to the branding as well—if you have any concerns regarding the print quality on any of our insulated shopping bags, our customer service team is ready to ensure a swift and satisfactory solution.

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