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Promotional Coloured Sticky Notes

We sell coloured sticky notes digitally printed with your logo. The vibrant colours of the sticky notes attract attention to your customers while helping them increase productivity in the office, at school, or at home. Our promotional post-it notes are perfect for busy individuals who need reminders and another note-taking tool option and each order can come in a variety of eye-catching colours, perfect for highlighting your brand. Our online price is in Australian dollars and excludes GST.

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Branding Techniques

  • Digital Offset Printing: This advanced method prints high-quality, vibrant designs directly onto the sticky notes, allowing for a wide range of colours and detailed images, making it perfect for full-colour logos or complex graphics on each sheet.

Who Do We Recommend This For?

Coloured sticky notes are highly recommended for:

  • Businesses looking to add a pop of colour to their marketing materials and office supplies.
  • Educational institutions for use in classrooms, libraries, and offices.
  • Creative industries, such as design studios and marketing agencies, where visual tools are essential.
  • Event planners and organisers who need customised, eye-catching materials for workshops, meetings, or promotional activities.
  • Any organisation seeking to enhance brand recognition in a practical and visually appealing way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply colourful adhesive notes with custom printing?

Yes, we sell coloured paper sticky note pads digitally printed with your logo.

What is the minimum number of colourful sticky note pads I can order?

The lowest order number of colourful sticky notes we can sell is 250 individual pads.

What colours do you have available?

Our stock colours include the following:

  • Yellow
  • Lime Green
  • Brilliant Yellow
  • Brilliant Orange
  • Brilliant Green
  • Brilliant Pink
  • Ultra Blue

How many leaves of paper come standard per colourful sticky note pad?

The listed price has 40 leaves of paper, but we also carry sticky notes with 25, 50, and 100 leaves per coloured sticky note pad. So the cost of each colourful sticky note pad will vary depending on the number of leaves you choose.

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