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Bulk buy high-end original designer products with your own personalisation from Cubic Promote. We are proud to carry an exclusive assortment of leading products from around the world, including New York and London. If you need a corporate gift for important recipients, these custom products are for you. We combine the best innovation from leading designers with our ability to bulk customise goods so you always end up with the ultimate in luxury. Some of the exciting brands that we carry include:

New York: BUILT                                    London: Black + BLUM                       
New York: French Bull                             London: Suck UK
New York: Nanda                                    London: Pantone
                                                            London: Penguin

Get Your Corporate Logo Branded On These Gifts

Purchase your corporate gift with your logo branded onto them. The branding of your logo will be applied to any available blank surface on these products. The final result is a promotional gift that has both your corporate logo as well as the existing original brand name for the product. There is no option available to remove the original brand logos or branding.

However, having the original manufacturer product label on the product does enhance its value significantly. Having a product with the original name and your own organisation's branding can, therefore, be highly beneficial. When we brand your logo, the amount of care taken is high to ensure that your brand looks sleek and professional.

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Exclusive Promotional Products With Your Branding

Everyone likes to be special, including your customers as well as staff members. Products from this category are desirable not only due to originality but also due to the high quality and visual aesthetics that make them exclusive. The products here are typically patented or trademarked for either their function or their design. Being trademarked or patented makes the perceived value of these products quite high. Show off how smart and savvy your organisation is with one of these cool products. Your guests will absolutely love the gift, and they will love you and your brand for it, no matter it being a personalised laptop bag, or simply a fun custom toy.

Perfect as End of Year Gifts or For Achievments and Anniversaries

Over the past few years, we have noticed that when we sell these types of gifts, they tend to be popular as End of Year Gifts or when your recipients meet work or education milestones. If you want a product that is desirable, special and memorable, then these products will be perfect for you.

Please remember to check back in this category. As with most exclusive products, many of these items are either seasonal or have limited runs which make them even more desirable. Check out our: Buying Guide For Corporate Gifts From NY and UK Design

These products are also a great idea for weddings as well.

Cubic Promote 1300 858 288 Cubic Promote supplies products, custom printed with your logo or graphics, Australia wide direct to your door. This website features over 9,000 different styles of items, across over 100 categories. We are confident that you will find the perfect corporate gift or promotional product for your event or occasion.