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Buy cotton or polyester-cotton blend shirts that are custom-branded with your corporate logo. Cubic Promote is the leading supplier of wholesale bulk promotional products, like poly-cotton polo shirts in Australia. We carry all the basic colourways (blue, black, white) as well as an extended colour range (orange, red, yellow, green, purple and more).

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Cotton Jersey Polos
Cotton Jersey Polos
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Fine Pique Poly-Cotton Polo
Fine Pique Poly-Cotton Polo
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SOLS Summer II Mens Polos
SOLS Summer II Mens Polos
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Cotton Vs Polyester Cotton Blends

Cotton polo shirts excel in softness and breathability, perfect for comfort and sensitive skin, the drawback to pure cotton shirts though is they wrinkle easily. 

We recommend polyester-cotton blends more than pure cotton shirts. They offer a durable, low-maintenance alternative that resists wrinkles and fading. 

Pure cotton is ideal for natural comfort, whereas blends combine the best of both worlds for practical, everyday wear.

How To Care for Custom Poly-Cotton Polos

Here are the tips on how to care for logo-printed poly-cotton polo shirts: 

  1. Wash the shirts in cold water to keep the fabric from shrinking.
  2. Turn the shirts inside out to protect the outer surface.
  3. Tumble dry on low or air dry to minimize shrinkage and maintain shape.
  4. Iron at the recommended temperature settings to avoid scorching.
  5. Do not use bleach or harsh detergents, as they can damage the fabric. 
  6. Hang dry when possible to extend fabric life.

FAQs on Promotional Cotton-Poly Apparel

What makes poly-cotton polo shirts a good choice for workwear?

These shirts blend comfort and durability, making them perfect for workwear. They're breathable, maintain their colour, and resist wrinkles, ideal for long days at work.

Can I customise the shirts with my business logo?

Yes, you can customise them with your business logo. These shirts are excellent for branding, as they hold up well to embroidery and printing. You may also explore our collection of athletic polo shirts and long sleeve polo shirts customised for your branding needs!

Are they suitable for sports and outdoor activities?

Absolutely! These polo shirts are suitable for sports and outdoor activities. Their moisture-wicking properties keep you dry, and the fabric is sturdy enough to withstand physical activity.

Do poly-cotton polo shirts come in different colours and sizes?

Yes, they come in a variety of colours and sizes. Whether you need vibrant colours for branding or various sizes for your team, there’s a wide selection available.

Are your products stocked locally in Australia?

Yes, our products are stocked locally in Australia. This ensures quicker delivery times and supports local businesses. Contact our sales team for more information. 

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