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Promotional Custom Label Bottled Water

Buy custom label bottled water custom printed for your business with a beautiful full-colour design on the label, leaving a lasting impression on recipients and increasing brand exposure. Promotional natural spring water in bottles make fantastic company promotional items aimed at consumers in the outdoors, and attendees at promotional events or advertising for potential customers, even including contact details for your business or company. Hand out custom water bottles filled with refreshing local water and have recipients pay attention to the message printed on the bottled water labels at special events, business trade shows or company events.

We carry a wide array of promotional custom label bottled water in different size bottles suitable for trade show events, business conferences, and even just to distribute as part of a marketing campaign all with custom water bottle labels. Custom labelled bottled water is a great option for hydration on the go instead of less healthy beverages like soft drinks. Our website pricing for custom bottled water is listed in Australian dollars.

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We Digitally Full Colour Print Promotional Custom Labeled Bottled Water

The Cubic Promote print team will add any design to custom label bottled water by full-colour printing your design through custom labels on a wrap-around that is added to plastic and glass water bottles alike to create custom labeled bottled water for your next event.

Bottled water that comes custom labelled is one of our most popular products because it features a large branding (custom label) area and a quick turnaround time to ensure you receive your custom personalized bottled water in time for your next event. Included on the custom labels of your custom bottled waters label by law, we include the nutrition information and supplier contact details for your convenience and well-being.

Fast Shipping in Australia for Custom Labeled Bottled Water

Our promotional bottled water is produced in Australia and sourced from local water supplies to create your unique custom label for your water bottle design, with personal branding effortts for the entire process. Cubic Promote's promotional water bottles and custom labeled water are available for a fast production time of 7 working days plus delivery across all areas in Australia.

However, if you need BPA free drink bottles pre-filled with refreshing water for your target audience faster than this, we do have express delivery options as well. Simply let us know your deadline and we'll go the extra mile to ensure fast delivery to your Aussie address.

Bottled water is normally supplied in a box of 24 so our personalised water bottles come in multiples of this number. Freight costs to regional areas of Australia will depend on your exact postcode and order quantity, so please get in touch with us for a freight quote.

What is Bottled Water?

Bottled water is drinking water stored in plastic bottles or glass bottles, often with their own label or unique branding. Cubic Promote's bottled water is sourced from Australian water springs as well as distilled drinking water producers before being stored in BPA free drink bottles for easy access. Our plastic bottles are made from PET, and they are fully recyclable through state-run programs.

We also have sparkling water with a fully customised label available in glass bottles if you would prefer something a little different. Regardless of which type of water you select, the custom water bottles from Cubic Promote will help elevate your event or promotion.

Water Bottles as Refreshing Event Gifts

You will see promotional drink bottles full of water used at sports events like City 2 Surf, golf tournaments, NRL matches, or indoor or outdoor concerts like Splendour in the Grass. Companies that host outdoor events like products launched in Sydney's Martin Place will often hand out bottled water to prevent participants getting dehydrated. The big print area on the bottle label can allow detailed messages to be printed on there, which will create another effective marketing channel to communicate key information.

What is the difference between spring water and distilled water?

Spring water comes from a natural source like an underground or uncontaminated spring in nature. While distilled water, also called purified water, is extracted through the hot boiling water. The source of this water can be from cities, towns or other communities, and it is not necessarily a natural spring source.

FAQ on Bottled Water

Do you supply bottled water with logo branding?

Yes, we sell bottled water with your custom printed labels.

What is the smallest number of bottled waters that I can order?

The minimum quantity of bottled water is 120 bottles which equals five cartons.

Do you sell Australian bottled water?

Yes, all the water is sourced from locally from areas like the Blue Mountains. The labels are printed and applied in local Australian factories as well.

Can plastic water bottles be recycled after use?

Yes, our plastic are suitable for recycling after use, something we encourage!

What bottle sizes do you offer for bottled water?

We offer 350ml, 500ml and 600ml plastic bottled water, 200ml, 330ml and 350ml in glass bottles. All can be branded with a digital full-colour print label on each bottle.

Image for digital label printing on bottled water.

Bottled Water

We also offer a range of custom metal bottles made of aluminum or stainless steel.

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