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Promotional Cutlery & Utensils

We sell cutlery and utensils custom printed with your graphic or logo. Our eco cutlery make wonderful custom gifts for Australians who love eating at a backyard BBQ, in the park during a lunch break, or while camping under the stars. We carry a wide array of custom branded cutlery and utensils that will surely impress your recipients and make their cooking and eating both indoor and outdoor a lot more enjoyable.

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Branding Methods

Select from our targeted branding methods to enhance your eco straws with a distinctive touch:

  • Pad Printing: Applies ink to the straw's surface using a pad, perfect for single-colour logos or text, ensuring clear visibility.
  • Laser Engraving: Uses a laser to etch the design into the straw, offering a durable and sophisticated finish that highlights detail.
  • Full Colour Printing: Provides vibrant, multi-colour designs, ideal for complex logos or patterns, making a strong visual impact.

What are Cutlery & Utensils?

Cutlery refers to tools you use for food consumption or preparation such as knives, forks, spoons, and chopsticks. Utensils are instruments used when cooking or serving food such as graters, pepper mills, and spatulas.

Because everyone eats meals, cutlery and utensils make great custom gifts as they will be relevant no matter a person's working industry or role, ensuring maximum visibility for your branding. Cubic Promote's range of eco cutlery also has the added benefit of being eco-friendly, washable items perfect for eating on the run at work or on holiday.

Our promotional lunch boxes also have eco-friendly options and will be a smart addition to your eco cutlery and utensils.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply cutlery with logo printing?

Yes, we supply cutlery and utensils with your logo printed on the surface of the cutlery or utensils.

What is the smallest number of utensils I can order?

The minimum order quantity of our branded utensils we can supply is 50 units.

Do you have eco-friendly cutlery options?

Yes, Cubic Promote stocks some great eco-friendly cutlery options including bamboo, wheat fibre mixed material, and metal. If there is a specific material, you are after, feel free to reach out as we always have new products coming in!

How do I keep my cutlery and utensils clean?

Always clean your cutlery or utensils right after using them. Place them in hot soapy water and use a sponge to wash off any residual. Rinse with fresh, clean, warm water. Dry with a soft, lint-free cloth or place them on a dish drying rack to air dry.

Image for full colour transfer printing on eco cutlery set.

Eco Cutlery Set


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