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Personalised Promotional Desk Items & Office Gifts

Cubic Promote's range of personalised desktop items is perfect for giving as gifts or simply for keeping on your desk. We design these products to look great and to perform functions that assist in your daily home or office life. Use them as corporate gifts, and your recipients are bound to think of your organisation every time they handle them. We brand each unit you purchase with your custom design using only the best branding techniques. Hand these out at your open day, corporate event, promotional expo, or simply as a company-wide appreciation gift. There's bound to be a useful desktop item in our collection that will suit your requirements.

Branded Products For Marketing Campaigns

When you buy eye-catching, functional objects that go onto your recipient's desktop, you can be confident that your marketing message will be received. Your gift will enjoy use throughout the day, and even when it's just sitting on the desk, it will be visible to everyone passing by. If you need a product that will turn heads while still providing useful functions, the logo branded products in this category are for you. Check out our Buying Guide Desktop Items

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Buy Promotional Desktop Gifts Today

Promotional desktop items are highly functional products for use at home or in the office, but small enough to sit neatly on your desk. All the marketing items listed in this category come logo decorated in bulk with your unique design. We use premium branding techniques such as pad printing and laser engraving to ensure your graphics look fantastic every single time. Purchase promotional desktop items as gifts for colleagues, staff, or event attendees today from Cubic Promote.

How to Select the Best Corporate Gift

To make the most out of your corporate gift, we suggest you maximise your budget so that you get the highest quantity of product at the best quality available. By doing this, you will make sure there are enough items to distribute while still ensuring a long usage period for recipients. There are three major factors which will mean the difference between the products being kept and used, or merely discarded.

Promotional Desktop Items Must Be Useful

More than any other type of product a desktop item must serve a specific purpose. If your custom desktop products are not useful for your recipients, they will throw them away, and your investment will go to waste. The function of the product may be practical such as a promotional pen caddy, or it can be sentimental like a well-branded photo frame. Either way, you need to give a reason for your guest to keep and use the product.

Custom Products Should be of High Quality

A high-quality (or relatively high quality) product appeals broadly, and recipients will take note of its fineness when they look at or handle the item. Some characteristics that people will notice (sometimes even without them realising!) include:

  • Metal Finished Surfaces - These need to be smooth and free from imperfections as this indicates a higher quality of metal. Laser engraving is the best technique for decorating metal products.
  • Plastic Items - Plastic materials need to have a minimum amount of flexibility, so they don't shatter or break easily. Clear plastics should be as clear possible. We can only print on plastic products for branding. The colour of the product needs to be consistent and vibrant

Desktop Items Must Look Good and Be Ergonomic

Typically a desktop at home or at the office is an important space where most people prefer to have minimal clutter to maximise their productivity. If something is going to sit on the top of the desk, it must look good without losing its key functionality. If you were to choose a product that is useful and high in quality but not that pleasing to look at, it's unlikely the item would get much use.

So consider these points when you're pondering a promotional executive gift. These suggestions will hopefully help you narrow down the product that will be perfect to brand with your unique design.

Logo Printing or Custom Engraving - Which to Choose?

Typically a product made from plastic will have the option to be pad or screen printed with your logo. For products made of metal, you have both the option of printing or laser engraving as a method to emblazon your brand on the product. In many instances, we recommend engraving for durability, however in the case of desktop items which will not typically endure much day-to-day damage (unlike pens or key rings) printing is still a viable option. Let our sales team know which method you were thinking of, or ask them for advice about the best branding choice for your product.

Cubic Promote 1300 858 288 Cubic Promote supplies products, custom printed with your logo or graphics, Australia wide direct to your door. This website features over 9,000 different styles of items, across over 100 categories. We are confident that you will find the perfect corporate gift or promotional product for your event or occasion.