Cubic Promote Diversity & Inclusion Policy

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Effective from 1st October 2023


At Cubic Promote, we ardently believe that embracing diversity and fostering inclusivity are pivotal to shaping our workplace dynamics and bolstering our growth trajectory. Our mission is to create a space where every individual feels acknowledged, esteemed, and is given equal chances to shine.

Our Dedication to Diversity

We champion diversity in all its richness, covering facets such as age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability, faith, nationality, and socio-economic status. We appreciate that a multitude of viewpoints serves as a bedrock for imagination, pioneering thoughts, and fortifying our collective spirit.

Upholding Equal Employment Opportunities

Cubic Promote is unwavering in its advocacy for equality in the workplace. We shun any form of prejudice. Each phase of employment – be it recruitment, selection, advancement, or compensation – is meticulously curated to be unbiased, focusing solely on merit and capability.

Nurturing an All-embracing Workplace

Our commitment to an inclusive ambience is encapsulated in:

a. Valuing Distinctiveness: Each individual's uniqueness is not just recognised but celebrated with fervour.

b. Encouraging Honest Dialogue: We foster a climate that values frank and open discussions, ensuring every voice resonates and matters.

c. Addressing Unconscious Bias: By offering focused training sessions and tools, we aspire to identify and mitigate any latent biases, advocating just and fair treatment.

d. Prioritising Adaptability: We provide modifiable working setups to resonate with the varied needs and preferences of our team.

Promotion of Varied Leadership

We’re resolute in our efforts to infuse diversity into leadership roles and decision-making echelons. Our endeavour is to uplift and champion talents from sections that might feel marginalised within our milieu.

Employee Growth and Enhancement

By provisioning avenues for continual learning and mentorship, we strive to ensure every team member is nurtured, empowered, and motivated to ascend within Cubic Promote.

Zero Compromise on Harassment and Discrimination

Our uncompromising position on any form of harassment, discrimination, or prejudice is crystal clear, defined by our stringent non-tolerance ethos. We motivate our colleagues to raise their voices against any discrepancies, ensuring prompt and judicious interventions.

Endorsing Supplier and Partner Diversity

Our allegiance to diversity and inclusivity isn’t confined to our immediate realm. We’re keen on aligning with a varied range of suppliers and associates, and we fervently back initiatives that uphold diversity in our sector and broader society.

Maintaining Responsibility and Transparency

We consistently introspect and measure our strides towards achieving inclusivity and diversity benchmarks. Openness is key, and we provide comprehensive updates about our initiatives and progress to both our team and external stakeholders.

At Cubic Promote, it's imperative to understand that diversity and inclusivity aren't mere jargon. They’re ingrained principles that dictate our every move and decision. By instilling an ethos that revolves around these values, we envision sculpting a vibrant, forward-looking, and inclusive entity.

For any clarifications or input regarding our Diversity and Inclusion Policy, do get in touch with Charles Liu via Linkedin

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