Contractor Policy

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  • Scope and Application: This policy applies to all contractors engaged by Cubic Promote for various services including, but not limited to, supply of goods, promotional item production, consulting and marketing services.
  • Selection and Evaluation: Contractors are selected based on a stringent evaluation process that assesses their ability to meet Cubic Promote's standards in quality, ethical practices, sustainability, and timely delivery. Preference is given to contractors committed to environmental sustainability.
  • Contractor Obligations: Contractors must comply with all relevant laws and regulations, including those on labour, health and safety, and environmental protection. Contractors are expected to operate to reflect Cubic Promote's values and standards.
  • Quality Assurance: Contractors must adhere to specified quality guidelines and deliver products or services that meet or exceed the standards set by Cubic Promote. Regular audits and quality checks may be conducted to ensure compliance.
  • Ethical Conduct: Contractors are expected to conduct their business ethically. This includes prohibition of any form of forced labour, child labour, or any other human rights abuses. Contractors must also ensure fair labour practices and decent working conditions.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Contractors are encouraged to implement sustainable practices in their operations. This includes using sustainable materials, minimizing waste, and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Confidentiality and Data Protection: Contractors must ensure the privacy and security of any data that Cubic Promote shares and not disclose any information to third parties without prior consent.
  • Insurance and Liability: Contractors are required to have appropriate insurance coverage, including public liability insurance, indemnity insurance and must be able to provide proof of such coverage upon request.
  • Dispute Resolution: In case of any disputes or disagreements, contractors are expected to engage in a constructive dialogue with Cubic Promote to find a peaceful mutually beneficial agreement.
  • Termination of Contract: Cubic Promote will terminate the contract with any contractor who fails to comply with this policy or whose actions are deemed detrimental to Cubic Promote's interests and values.
  • Review and Amendments: This policy is subject to regular review and may be amended to reflect changes in laws, industry standards, or company requirements.


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