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Eco Friendly Bags

Custom Branded Eco-Friendly Bags

Buy eco-friendly bags that are custom branded with your logo. We carry a large range of bags that are terrific value for money. These bags look almost identical to our popular range of non-woven bags and they also feel identical too. However, these bags are quite different in that they utilise over 50% in recycled materials to create a non-woven fabric. The result is a bag that looks great but will be friendly to the environment too. These bags make for a great guilt free promotional product. Check out our buying guide: Buying Guide Eco Friendly Bags

Buy Printed in Your Choice of Colour

All our bags are available in red, yellow, green, blue, black, and white amongst other colours. When you place your order, you can colour mix and match to your liking without incurring additional costs. Add some colour to your event and order your bags in a range of different colours. These bags are customised with your branding via screen printing for spot colours (digital printing in full colour is available for a small fee).

What Makes These Promotional Bags Earth Friendly?

These bags are more environmentally friendly than normal non-woven bags because of the production process when manufactured as well as the fact they reuse existing materials. When these bags are made they go through a stricter process to ensure that the carbon emitted in production is lower than usual. The materials sourced in creating this category of bags also uses less new chemicals and petroleum. What it does use though is a higher concentration of recycled materials that come from sources such as disposable plastic water bottles and plastic containers. This is what makes them a really earth friendly bag for your company to brand on.

Why Are Recycled Eco Bags A Bit More Expensive?

This range of eco-friendly, non-woven bag is slightly more expensive than their non-eco equivalent. If you were after a budget cheap option then we would recommend our regular range of non-woven bags. The reason why eco bags are a bit more expensive is that the process required to collect, clean and re-manufacture recycled products like PET bottles and PET packaging is more expensive than using petroleum to create new plastic. We do not expect this to be the case in the future as recycling gets cheaper, unfortunately until then the cost of recycled green eco bags is just a touch more expensive than regular non-woven bags.

90GSM Printed Bags for Strength and Durability

Our eco bags utilize a bag weight of 90gsm. This provides you with an exceptionally strong product. The quality of the non-woven fabric is also quite high. So high in fact that tests show that they are stronger than regular non-woven bags that are not made from recycled material. If a strong bag is what you are after then this category of bags is the perfect option for you.


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