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Promotional Eco-Friendly Bags

In today's rapidly changing global environment, there's an increasing demand for eco-friendly products, especially in Australia. Cubic Promote acknowledges this need by offering a diverse range of eco friendly merchandise that not only serves functional purposes but also aids in conserving our environment. Eco Bags, customised with your brand logo, aren't just any eco friendly promotional products. These bags are specifically curated for the environmentally-conscious consumers who seek a blend of convenience and eco-friendliness. Compact, lightweight, and foldable, our Eco Bags cater to diverse needs. From the keen environmentalist to the business aiming to make a positive difference, Cubic Promote ensures everyone finds their fit for eco-friendly products.

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Advanced Printing Techniques for Eco Bags

Utilising the latest in branding technologies, Cubic Promote offers both screen printing and vibrant full-colour digital printing for our eco-friendly products. This means you can customise your bags with a wide spectrum of colours, including intricate shadings and gradients, ensuring a standout design that captivates and distinguishes your eco friendly promotional products.

Quick Delivery Across Australia

Cubic Promote proudly stocks our eco friendly merchandise locally in Australia, primed and ready for personalisation with your distinct logo. We pride ourselves on our efficient delivery service, with a standard delivery time of just 2 weeks. However, for those urgent requirements of branded eco friendly products, we offer expedited options such as 3-day or even 24-hour print times. Should you need your eco friendly products Australia in a hurry, inform us during the ordering process, and we'll make arrangements for a swifter delivery.

Digital Previews Tailored for Your Bags 

Our design team will produce a digital mock-up of your branded eco friendly products adorned with your distinctive design. This "virtual prototype" offers a glimpse into how your logo will gracefully blend with the fabric and style of the bag. To kick-start this process, simply send over your logo to us via email.

Experience the Feel with Physical Samples 

For a hands-on assessment, we offer to ship an unbranded sample of your preferred eco friendly promotional product, with charges applicable only for delivery. This enables you to feel and assess the material, size, and overall quality of the bag, ensuring you're fully confident before making a bulk purchase of branded eco friendly products.

Customised Pre-Production Samples 

To further customise your experience, we provide pre-production samples of our eco friendly products Australia, featuring your brand's unique design. At a cost of $90 per bag, this fee covers the design application, team efforts, and delivery for one personalised item. This option is ideal for those who seek absolute assurance that the end product will resonate with their brand identity before sanctioning a larger batch.

Benefits of Choosing Our Eco Bags

Portability: With their compact size and lightweight design, these bags are perfect for on-the-go activities.

  • Diverse Styles: Catering to a wide audience, we house various styles suitable for all.
  • Branding: A vibrant full-colour digital print ensures your logo stands out, with gradients and multiple colours adding to the aesthetics.

What is an Eco-Friendly bag?

An Eco-Friendly bag is a flexible carry bag with an opening at the top and made from eco-friendly materials. Eco friendly promotional products like bags provide a clean, safe, and eco-friendly alternative to typical bags, as they are manufactured from recycled material. Eco-bags employ an innovative design that recycles simple materials, providing an alternative to environmentally harmful single-use plastic bags or manufactured bags. Eco friendly products australia not only recycle material that would normally be going to waste, but they also eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags that have been proven to harm the environment.

Our Eco-Friendly Bag range is perfect for those who are looking to be more environmentally conscious and want to get their brand out there but still make a difference with the environment. We have a wide range of Eco-friendly bags which are produced from a number of biodegradable materials, such as canvas, jute, hessian, recycled paper, and more. We carry a range of branded eco friendly products in various styles, including tote bags, drawstring bags, and even recycled lunch bags, so there really is something for everyone! Everyone can benefit from an eco friendly merchandise, and the environment can benefit from you using one. This is a great way to get your brand out there while also doing your small part for the planet.

Why Opt for Branded Eco-Friendly Products?

Promoting eco friendly merchandise, especially branded eco friendly products, speaks volumes about an organisation's values. With Cubic Promote's eco friendly promotional products, businesses can stand out, making a strong environmental statement while also ensuring quality and functionality. Our extensive range of eco friendly promotional products includes bags made from biodegradable materials such as canvas, jute, hessian, and recycled paper. 

Eco Bags for Environmental Events

Eco Bags aren't just functional; they're symbolic. Perfect for those sensitive to environmental issues, these bags can be repeatedly used, reducing the environmental footprint. To make your eco-friendly gift even more memorable, consider adding custom bamboo USB flash drives to each bag.

FAQs on Eco-Friendly Bags

Do you supply eco friendly merchandise bags with logo branding?​

Yes, we supply Eco Bags with your custom branding. We can screenprint these bags for you, or print in vibrant full colour digital print, meaning you can have as many colours, patterns, gradient, shading, and more in your design as you’d like. ​

What is the smallest number of Eco Bags that I can order?​

The minimum quantity of Eco Bags we can supply is 50 units with your custom branding. ​

Can you make Eco-Friendly Bags in custom sizes?​

Yes, we can custom-make your bags to your exact specifications, and even print a full-colour design all over the front and back, edge-to-edge, for a completely customised bag. Please enquire with our team today if you would like pricing for this option.

Do you sell branded eco friendly products like produce bags?

Yes, we sell Eco-Friendly Produce Bags which are perfect for taking to the shops with you, so you can stop using the harmful single-use plastic bags when buying fruits or vegetables.

What Makes These Promotional Bags Earth Friendly?

These bags are more environmentally friendly than normal non-woven bags because of the production process when manufactured as well as the fact they reuse existing materials. When these bags are made they go through a stricter process to ensure that the carbon emitted in production of eco-friendly products is lower than usual.

The materials sourced in creating eco-friendly products such as bags also uses less new chemicals and petroleum. What it does use though is a higher concentration of recycled materials that come from sources such as disposable plastic water bottles and plastic containers. This is what makes them really eco-friendly products for your company to brand on.

Why Are Recycled Eco Bags A Bit More Expensive?

This range of eco-friendly, non-woven bag is slightly more expensive than their non-eco equivalent. If you were after a budget cheap option then we would recommend our regular range of non-woven bags.

The reason eco friendly products australia are a bit more expensive is that the process required to collect, clean and re-manufacture recycled products like PET bottles and PET packaging is more expensive than using petroleum to create new plastic. We do not expect this to be the case in the future as recycling gets cheaper, unfortunately, until then the cost of recycled green eco bags is just a touch more expensive than regular non-woven bags.

90GSM Printed Bags for Strength and Durability

Our eco bags utilise a bag weight of 90gsm. This provides you with an exceptionally strong product. The quality of the non-woven fabric is also quite high. So high in fact that tests show that they are stronger than regular non-woven bags that are not made from recycled material. If a strong bag is what you are after, then eco friendly products australia are the perfect option for you.

Why Choose Cubic Promote for Eco Friendly Merchandise?

With heightened awareness about environmental issues, choosing eco friendly promotional products is not just a trend but a responsibility. At Cubic Promote, we encourage businesses to adopt eco friendly promotional strategies, aligning their brand values with global environmental concerns. Whether you opt for our recycled eco bags or any other eco friendly products australia, you're making a statement — a commitment to a greener future.

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