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Promotional Faux Leather Compendiums

We sell faux leather compendiums custom printed in bulk with your logo or design. These binders offer an economical yet sophisticated option for clients and professionals. These compendiums mimic the look and feel of real leather, providing a stylish and practical way to organise documents and notes. As a carbon-neutral certified company, we ensure that choosing our faux leather compendiums supports sustainability and quality.

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How We Custom Print Faux Leather Binders in Bulk

Our Fake Leather Compendiums can be personalised with the following branding techniques:

  • Debossing: Presses the design into the material, creating a permanent, indented impression that enhances the texture and appearance.
  • Foil Stamp: Applies a thin layer of foil to the compendium's surface, giving a shiny, metallic finish to your logo or design, adding an element of prestige.

What is a Synthetic Leather Portfolio?

A faux leather compendium is an organizer made from synthetic materials that replicate the look and functionality of genuine leather. These compendiums offer various features like pockets, pen loops, and document sleeves, combining affordability with the aesthetic appeal of leather.

Idea Use Cases for Custom Branded Presentation Folders

Fake Leather Compendiums are ideal for:

  • Companies seeking cost-effective yet stylish corporate gifts or promotional items.
  • Students and professionals needing a durable, elegant organizer for their academic or business activities.
  • Event organisers looking for branded conference materials or participant packs.

Frequently Asked Questions About PU Leather Binders

Can the Fake Leather Compendiums be customised in different colours?

Yes, they are available in a range of colours to match your branding preferences.

Are these compendiums environmentally friendly?

While made from synthetic materials, they offer a more sustainable alternative to genuine leather and are often part of eco-conscious product lines.

What sizes are available for these compendiums?

Typically, they come in standard sizes like A4 and A5, but options may vary depending on the specific range.

How long will the branding last on these compendiums?

Debossing and foil stamping are durable processes, ensuring the branding remains prominent with regular use over time.

Is there a warranty on Fake Leather Compendiums?

Warranties vary by product, but generally, there is support for any defects in materials or workmanship.

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