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We resell a variety of promotional compendiums and organisers from the expansive Filofax personal organisation system range developed over 100 years ago in London. Filofax systems hit dazzling heights in the 1980s as modern business people began seeing the value in having portable organisers with them on the move. Even now, in the digital age, Filofax products provide a type of slick non-digital organisation that Australian consumers find invaluable. Cubic Promote is proud to stock various authentic Filofax products suitable for personal and professional usage, each boasting custom personalisation from our decoration team.


Why Choose Filofax Organisers?

Filofax organisers are the original handy folders for personal administration, at home and in business, that use a custom loose-leaf binder system. Each Filofax organiser has a luxurious outer casing that houses structured internal binding and pockets. What truly sets Filofax apart from its competition is that you choose what inserts to add to the organiser, creating an entirely bespoke experience to suit your needs. Available insert options include

  • Week-to-a-view diaries
  • Day-to-a-page diaries
  • Calendars
  • To-do lists
  • Contact lists
  • Important dates lists
  • Wellness trackers
  • Finance lists
  • Expenses lists
  • Projects & goals trackers
  • Ruled note paper (various colours)
  • Plain note paper (various colours)
  • Dotted note paper
  • Password lists
  • Checklists
  • Meal planners

Filofax organisers are available in different sizes to suit every briefcase, backpack, and desk drawer, and we stock various colours and styles of casings. So, if you're after quality filing systems that are portable, and reliable promotional products you can't go past the range from Filofax and Cubic Promote.

Filofax History

Filofax began as a humble mail-order company in the UK, distributing loose-leaf binders in leather binding via the post. Over the years, the company, which derives its name from an abbreviation of the term "file of facts", grew to produce a variety of insert options to help owners of their existing folios to expand and enhance their products. These inserts, which can be purchased separately from the main folder, started out with basics like calendars and grew to include note sheets, password lists, and even calculators.

Filofax as a product hit its stride in the 1980s when business people had an image to uphold, a need to keep track of complex notes, and limited access to computer technology. If you watch films from the time period you'll often see "yuppie" characters carrying Filofax organisers, denoting their status as serious 1980s go-getters.

While electronic organisers, computers, and eventually smartphones overtook a lot of the Filofax's area of expertise, now, in the 2020s, a lot of people prefer the manual file organisation system over unreliable digital apps or subscription services. When you own a Filofax portfolio, you can customise it to suit your needs. It works without any need for wi-fi, making it a popular choice for individuals who like to keep a personal note system that doesn't rely on digital processes to work reliably. And while we're long out of the 1980s, the image of Filofax as a status symbol remains, making them a very popular corporate gift for reliable sales and management performers in companies across the globe.

What Cubic Promote Does

At Cubic Promote, we stock Filofax organisers for fast decoration and distribution across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand. Our expert team uses professional branding techniques like pad printing, screen printing, and embossing to enhance authentic Filofax products with your corporate logo or personal name/message.

We are an authorised reseller that stocks authentic merchandise so you can bulk buy your Filofax products confidently from the Cubic Promote team. Enhance your corporate gifts using stylish Filofax products with logo branding from Cubic Promote. Please give us a call on 1300 858 288 today to find out more.

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