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Promotional Floor Mats

Buy promotional floor custom printed with your branding or design. Floor mats are great promotional items for offices, shops, hospitality venues, and the building industry. We carry an array of durable floor welcome mats that are tough and hard-wearing. Our custom branded floor mats are a smart way to advertise a message or logo at Australian pharmacies, exhibitions, conferences, schools, bank branches, retail shops, and restaurants and bars. Welcome your visitors with creative, locally produced mats featuring your designs whether you're the local Supercheap Auto, pub, or community centre. Our online prices are listed in Australian dollars and exclude GST.

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We Digitally Full Colour Print Mats

Using the latest digital printing technology, we expertly digital print your logo or graphic in full colour onto the surface of each promotional floor mat. The result is a vibrant,, long-lasting promotional piece with your branding that will keep your message visible on floors for a long time to come.

Fast Delivery in Australia

Our customised floor mats are stocked right here in Australia for fast local turnaround times. Our standard time frame from order payment is 2 weeks, including delivery. However, if you require your custom printed floor mats sooner, please let us know at the time of order, and we should be able to accommodate a 2-day production time.

What is a Floor Mat?

A floor mat is a piece of covering laid on the floor to prevent slips, trips or falls and provide a surface for people to wipe unwanted things stuck to their shoes. Floor mats are also used to protect the floor underneath from grease, dirt, and the overall harsh environment. They are widely in use across different industries where there will be traffic, for example, schools, hospitals, retail stores, and offices.

We can supply these customised household items to provide you with a lot of terrific options for your home as well.

FAQ on Floor Mats

Do you supply mats with logo printing?

Yes, we supply mats with your desired custom design.

What is the smallest number of mats I can order?

The minimum order quantity of our promotional mats we can supply is 10 units.

Can you make floor mats in custom sizes?

Yes, we make floor mats in custom sizes upon request. Simply let us know the dimensions you are looking for by getting in touch with us today!

Do you supply Australian made mats and runners?

Yes, we offer floor mats and runners that are Australian made.

Can you add individual personalisation to each floor or counter mat you make?

Yes, it is possible to add individual personalisation to each floor mat (such as individual names or numbers). Let us know that you require this specialised branding and we'll quote you accordingly.

Cheap Mats With Personal Branding

We have all sorts of floor mats mats as you can see on our website. So what is the difference between cheap options and premium priced options? The difference in price is due to the difference in materials used to create the mat - though the results are outstanding regardless of the material.

  • Budget Mats are best for light, low foot traffic use. They are also great for single use; an example would be in a yearly tradeshow for your organisation

  • Premium Mats are best for high traffic use. A retail shop environment would be a perfect example. Although they cost more, they are better valued in the long run as they will not deteriorate as quickly.

Colour and Design Tips for Your Mats

We would love to print any designs that you may have for floor mats. If possible, we recommend you to avoid printing large areas of white spaces as this colour tends to attract visible dirt extremely easily. If you do not have designs ready for print or have no inclination to design then simply let us know what you would like to have branded on your mat and we can easily create something for you.

For designs with more impact, you can utilise our graphic designer. For a small fee, simply let us know what type of aesthetic look you would like and we would be able to create some original and attractive designs for you.

Caring for Your Printed Mats

Cleaning stains from your floor mats can be easy. However, you must take care as commercially available detergents can often be too strong and may affect the print quality of the product if used to liberally.

The best way to care for your mat is to clean often. We recommend daily cleaning. If dirt begins to accumulate this will make the mat harder to clean and difficult to maintain its brand new shine. An easy option to clean floor mats is to use water and a hose outdoor to rinse out any dirt after vacuuming.

Full Colour Printed Mats

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