Glass Trophy Awards

Branded Glass Trophy Awards

We carry the latest modern designs for your choice. These glass trophies are a delightfully versatile way to show your appreciation for any achievement. These trophies are made to last. With proper care, they will last the recipient many years and decades and will surely be a memento that will be cherished. Our glass trophies come in both traditional styles as well as modern looking options to ensure that you can find one that is best suited for your occasion.

Stocked in Australia & Ready to Be Personalised

Our trophies are stocked in Australia and are personalised upon your order. An experienced artisan will advise you on the most popular ways to brand your trophy. Ask our friendly sales team for advice on the layout for your intended personalisation. We are in the business of making you and your branding look good, so trust us and utilise our years of experience to achieve a great looking custom branded glass trophy. We can brand your glass trophy by either engraving or printing.

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Aesthetic Nature of Awards Made from Glass

Glass is a material that everyone is quite familiar with. When used in awards though there are several types of glass that are commonly used. We can supply glass trophies in all the different options listed below:

Starphire Glass Trophy: These are the most clear coloured trophies available. (Although some argue that crystal is even clearer than Starphire Glass). The production process does make this clear glass more expensive though.

Jade Glass: This is the most popular glass used to create award trophies. In part the reason for this is that this type of glass is easy to produce which lowers the cost of this type of trophy by quite a lot. Jade Glass commonly has a light green colour which is noticeable especially when you compare it with Starphire Glass.

Art Glass: This is a special type of glass that is used when glass trophies are made by hand and a blowing technique. This artisan type of method to create a trophy can create trophies that are extremely distinct and unique.

Recycled Glass: This type of glass is not very popular yet, however we expect things to change over the coming months and years as more organisations become more aware of the need to have a green sustainable eco image.

Award Glass Thickness

Generally glass awards come in thicknesses that range between 2 millimetres and 19 millimetres. This is the most common thickness for glass. In some award styles we will vary the thickness for visual effect by combining two or more glass sheets to create added depth or to increase the stability and durability of your award.

Gift Boxing

All our awards come delivered to you in a basic white gift box. These gift boxes will provide your award with sufficient protection when they are being delivered from location to location and also makes storing them very easy as well. These basic gift boxes are rather utilitarian though and are very simple items that are not intended to be used as part of a presentation process.

If you desire a gift box that is nicer, please let us know. We have sturdier gift box's which have a silk lining that is more attractive and a lot more durable too.

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