Glass Trophy Awards

Promotional Glass Trophies

Buy glass trophies and awards personalised with your desired details. As a recognition or achievement award, this beautiful range of trophies will be cherished for life. Our trophies in this category all come with gift boxes. The listed price excludes Australian GST.

We Laser Engrave Glass Trophies & Awards

The branding method we choose to use on trophies is laser engraving. The engraving process involves a hot laser that etches a desired graphic or logo. Our machines are run digitally to ensure precise laser engraved finishes. So if you need a trophy that is beautifully finished with exceptional quality, we believe we are the experts in Australia in custom branding.

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Fast Delivery in Australia

The standard delivery time is 2 weeks. We also accommodate urgent orders with our 48 production delivery service.

Classic Custom Gifts

The use of Glass to produce trophies is an exciting way to present awards. Glass looks stunning, has a weight that conveys quality and is quite durable. As a classic way to display your achievement at home or work, this is an option for you to consider. 

What is a Glass Trophy Award?

A glass trophy is made from quality Glass or crystal. The trophy conveys appreciation, gratitude or achievement in social or formal settings. Occasions that use glass trophies may include sporting events and milestone achievements.

Our custom printed booth displays are also highly functional promotional items for sporting and other marketing events, giving you a lot of exposure. We have promotional novelty frames, custom display walls, and more!

FAQ on Glass Awards

Do you supply glass awards with logo branding?

Yes, we supply both the physical product and the custom branding onto the item itself.

What is the smallest number of glass awards I can order?

The minimum quantity of glass awards we can supply is 1 piece.

Do awards come gift boxed and ready for my recipients?

Yes, they come complete with a gift box ready to be presented.

What types of Glass are available for custom trophies and awards?

For glass trophies, we stock varying feature grades of crystal. Naturally, the higher the crystal grade, the higher the sheen and visual quality.


Personalised Awards Made from Glass

Glass is a material that everyone is quite familiar with. When used in awards, though, several types of Glass are commonly used. Therefore, we can supply glass trophies in all the different options listed below:


  • Starphire Glass Trophy: These are the clearest coloured trophies available. (Although some argue that crystal is even more transparent than Starphire Glass). The production process does make this clear Glass more expensive, though.
  • Jade Glass: This is the most popular Glass used to create award trophies. In part, the reason for this is that this type of Glass is easy to produce, which lowers the cost of this type of trophy by quite a lot. In addition, jade Glass commonly has a light green colour, especially when you compare it with Starphire Glass.
  • Art Glass: This is a particular type of Glass that is used when glass trophies are made by hand and a blowing technique. This artisan method to create an award can create incredibly different and unique trophies.
  • Recycled Glass: This type of Glass is not very popular yet; however, we expect things to change over the coming months and years as more organisations become more aware of the need to have a green sustainable eco image.


Award Glass Thickness


Generally, glass awards come in thicknesses between 2 millimetres and 19 millimetres. This is the most common thickness for Glass. However, we will vary the thickness for visual effect in some award styles by combining two or more glass sheets to create added depth or increase your award's stability and durability.


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