High Vis Outerwear

Promotional Hi-Visibility Outerwear

Buy hi-vis safety outerwear custom printed with logo or messages. High visibility attire is a vital addition to the everyday uniforms of tradies, traffic controllers, and even school kids who need to walk home by themselves.

Cubic Promote, the top supplier of promotional apparel throughout Australia, stocks a diverse range of workwear, like high visibility jackets, vests, and hoodies made from a range of different materials that are comfortable and highly breathable. Our range of safety clothing is popular with tradies and work sites all over the country so whether you work for Multiplex or you run your own business, you'll appreciate these unique pieces of workwear. 

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What are Custom Hi-Vis Outerwear?

Hi-Vis Outerwear are fluorescent and reflective clothing designed to enhance safety by making the wearer highly visible. Ideal for construction, roadwork, and emergency services, these garments meet strict safety standards and are essential for reducing accident risks in low visibility conditions.

Product Safety Standards

Cubic Promote is proud to provide garments in our range that have been laboratory test and certified to meet Australian Safety Standards including AS/NZS 4602:2011. This certification includes both day and night use. Some garments in our range feature fabrics that are fire retardant so workers such as welders, cutters and electricians can operate machinery in safety. If you would like to know more about the safety standards met by our high visibility wear, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team for further information.

Care Instructions For Printed Hi-Vis Outerwear

Here are essential care instructions for your logo-branded Hi-Vis Outerwear:

  • Use Mild Detergent: Avoid bleach to protect the fabric and reflective elements.
  • Cold Water Cycle: Wash separately in cold water to maintain colours.
  • Line Dry: Air dry to prevent fabric and reflective damage.
  • Inspect Regularly: Check for wear and ensure visibility effectiveness.

FAQ on Promotional Hi-Vis Outerwear

Do you supply these garments with logo printing?

Yes, all workwear we supply comes with your logo or messages on them. Contact our expert sales team today for more details.

What is the smallest number of clothing items I can order?

The minimum order quantity for branded high vis wear is 25 units.

Can you supply hi vis clothing in custom fluoro colours?

Yes, we can supply hi vis wear in custom colours with a minimum order of 500 units or more. Get in touch with our customer care team for more information on ordering fully customised hi-vis wear.

Can hi-visibility clothing be washed with regular detergent? 

It's recommended to use mild detergent for hi-vis clothing to protect the fabric's integrity and reflective properties.

Is it possible to repair damaged hi-vis clothing?

Minor damage can often be repaired, but if the reflective material or fluorescent colour is significantly compromised, replacement is advised for safety.

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