High Visibility Safety Wear

High Vis Clothing and Promotional Safety Wear

High visibility outerwear is a vital element of any difficult or potentially dangerous work environment. Cubic Promote's range of hi-vis wear will assist you in keeping your team members or guests safe and visible at all times.  Our range of safety clothing is popular with worksites all over the country. They also have been popular with organisers and guests during conferences, as staff uniforms in warehouses, as a means of being seen at food markets, as well as for tradies working as plumbers, electricians, builders, roadside workers and even as staffing uniform for charities. Best of all, we decorate each item of high visibility wear with your unique logo design to ensure that they link to your organisation or event.

What Is Promotional Safety Wear?

Safety wear and high visibility clothing are any bright or reflective clothing worn as a piece of personal protective equipment. This clothing is usually available in fluoro orange, yellow or green colours to enhance the visibility of the wearer. Australian worksites have a variety of rules in place to ensure workers and visitors to these sites always wear high visibility clothing to prevent accidents.

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We Personalise Your Branded Workwear

Screen printing is our preferred technique for custom decorating your safety wear and high visibility clothing. We can print your message in large text to ensure it gets across to others, which is particularly important in low visibility and hazardous work environments. We recommend branding your design either on the back of the garment or the front chest area so that it is noticeable even from a distance. Although a variety of branding methods are possible on safety work wear, we recommend screen printing for best branding effect.

Safety Wear For All Work and Conditions

Our range of safety work wear is made for maximum visibility from all angles. Whether you're after a vest, jacket, pants, shirts or accessories, our entire range features safety details that will reflect light on both front and back of the garment. Certain styles will also reflect light on the side as well. Used during the day time these garments will provide the wearer with added safety by increasing visibility even during times where strong light caused by the sun or by lighting fixtures can create glare. During low light conditions, our garments will maximise and reflect as much light that is available at the location to increase maximum visibility.

Being seen does mean keeping safe, especially from operators of machinery, equipment and drivers of vehicles and other transportation. If there is even a small chance that machine operators are using work equipment within a given area, you must supply high visibility safety wear to ensure accidents do not occur.

Orange and Yellow Fluoro Colours

The safety clothing in our range comes in orange or yellow colours. In some instances, we have two-toned colours which mix in the fluoro orange or yellow with shades of blue, grey or black to balance out the colour to create a more palatable visual effect. The colours of yellow and orange are the colours that provide maximum light reflections. Some of our garments even feature silver reflective strips to ensure clear visibility in difficult conditions.

Product Safety Standards

Cubic Promote is proud to provide garments in our range that have been laboratory test and certified to meet Australian Safety Standards including AS/NZS 4602:2011. This certification includes both day and night use. Some garments in our range feature fabrics that are fire retardant so workers such as welders, cutters and electricians can operate machinery in safety. If you would like to know more about the safety standards met by our high visibility wear, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly sales team for further information.

Workwear Made From Comfortable, Breathable Material

We make our custom workwear with natural and synthetic materials which have been designed to maximise wearer comfort. All our clothing feature fabrics that are light and easy to move about in, promoting efficiency in hazardous workplaces. Product materials and stitching finish are also made to withstand daily wear and tear as well as sudden forceful impacts. You need custom branded work wear you can count on, and Cubic Promote's clothing will not let you down.

Our Work Wear is stocked in Australia and ready to be branded and delivered to your door!

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