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Promotional Highlighters

Buy promotional highlighters customised with your company's logo or design. Cubic Promote has a diverse range of highlighters in various colours and styles. These highlighters are excellent for office settings, educational institutions, or as functional promotional items. With our inventory based in Australia, we ensure your orders are processed and delivered promptly, providing a swift and efficient service.

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Care Tips for Highlighters

To keep your promotional highlighters in top condition and ensure they last longer, follow these care tips:

  • Cap Tightly After Use: Prevents the ink from drying out and extends the highlighter's lifespan.
  • Store Horizontally: Helps maintain even ink flow and prevents leakage.
  • Keep Away from Direct Sunlight: Prolongs the ink's vibrancy by preventing it from fading.
  • Avoid Over-Pressing: Pressing too hard can damage the tip and affect ink flow.
  • Use on Paper: Designed primarily for paper, using them on other materials may clog the tip.

Ideal Case Uses

Highlighters are indispensable tools in various settings, known for their practicality and versatility:

  • Academic Use: Essential for students to emphasise key points in notes and textbooks.
  • Office Meetings: Useful for marking important documents and planning tasks.
  • Creative Projects: Great for adding colour and organising content in journals and planners.
  • Promotional Giveaways: Effective as branded office supplies to enhance company visibility.
  • Workshops and Seminars: Handy for participants to highlight critical information in handouts.


Can highlighter ink be removed from paper?

Their ink is generally permanent on paper, but some types of erasable highlighters allow for removal or correction.

Are highlighters only used on paper?

While originally designed to be used on paper, highlighters can sometimes be used on other porous surfaces, but this may affect the tip and ink flow.

Do they dry out if left uncapped?

Yes, they can dry out quickly if left uncapped, so it's important to replace the cap tightly after each use.

Can highlighters be refilled?

Some highlighter models are refillable, allowing you to replenish the ink instead of replacing the entire pen.

Are there different types of tips?

Yes, our selection of products comes with various tip types, including chisel, fine point, and bullet, to suit different needs and preferences.

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