Personalised Aprons, Mitts & Chef Uniforms

Cubic Promote is proud to carry an extensive range of cost-effective clothing for use in cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs. Order your range of everyday business essentials for your staff and customers directly from us, and we will custom brand your design on each item. We also carry a range of commercial quality kitchen products that are not only good for businesses but are also fantastic for use at home as well. We make all our products with quality and durability in mind. These items look fantastic once personalised with your design and make excellent gifts to staff or peers. Please note all prices shown on the website are exclusive of GST.

Branded in Bulk For Australian Kitchens

Hospitality clothing is professional attire that staff can wear in commercial kitchens or club venues. All products in this category are stocked in Australia for fast delivery nationwide. We expertly embroider or print your logos and graphics onto these professional grade items so that you can use them to market your event, brand name, display sponsor names or simply to add more colour to your organisation! Products available in this category include promotional oven mitts, aprons, pot holders, gloves and chef's uniforms.

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Custom Kitchen Goods For Charity Events

Are you running a charity or an outdoor event? Our oven mitts and aprons are a popular option for Aussies making a difference. These items are great as gifts for team members or as retail items you can sell to raise funds for your organisation. We custom decorate each with your preferred design. If you are running a fete or school event, then you cannot miss checking these kitchen goodies out.

Aprons Branded For Staff Uniforms

The humble apron is no longer restricted to the kitchen. Although they're perfect for wait and kitchen staff, they are also a great accessory to utilise in a retail shop or a cheeky charity event get-up. Aprons are incredibly handy because they are not only easily visible they also offer the wearer a large pocket that they can access to store things like catalogues, pens and calculators or any other product that can be used to enhance a guest's experience at your event or location. We decorate aprons with your unique design to help promote your message, be it personal or corporate.

Aprons also do a great job at hiding other colours that your staff may be wearing on the day. So if they show up in the wrong colours, an apron can quickly hide what they are wearing so you can maintain a clean uniform look.

Cleaning Your Kitchen or Commercial Uniforms

Our products are designed for use in a commercial workplace. The fabrics and stitching on our aprons, uniforms and oven mitts can withstand more stress than our range of standard promotional garments. To clean your hospitality items simply put them in the washing machine for regular cleaning. For harder to remove stains use half a cup of bicarbonate soda along with your regular washing powder to remove tough stains.

Kitchen Accessory Colours

The hospitality industry tends to opt for black uniforms for servers and client liaisons to ensure spills and stains aren't overly noticeable to customers on their outfits. Chefs tend to wear traditional chef's whites which show stains up more easily thank dark colours but are designed for an easy washing process. Darker colours will fade faster than white, so consider which staff members will wear the garments and how long you aim for them to be in use before deciding on a final colour for your promotional attire.

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