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Intex is one of the leading global companies in the inflatable industry, offering a wide range of products from airbeds and above-ground pools to toys and boats. Established in 1996, the company has been producing quality outdoor recreation and leisure products for over two decades, providing millions of consumers with customer satisfaction. Intex’s promotional items are designed with convenience and innovation in mind, making them a go-to choice for those looking for reliable inflatables.


Intex produces a variety of products including airbeds, above ground pools, toys, boats and accessories. The brand’s airbeds offer superior comfort due to their cushioning system and waterproof construction that helps protect sleepers from moisture damage. Moreover, all bedding models come equipped with powerful electric pumps that inflate the mattress quickly.

Above-ground pools provide users with an easy way to cool off during hot summer days without requiring extra maintenance or setup costs associated with traditional pool installation. In addition to these items, Intex also makes different types of toys such as beach balls, water slides and floats – all designed to bring hours of fun while remaining safe and durable under all conditions.

Quality & Innovation

Intex is committed to providing quality products at reasonable prices so everyone can enjoy their outdoor recreation experience regardless of budget restrictions.

All items manufactured by Intex feature superior craftsmanship that allows them to withstand even the harshest weather conditions without compromising on performance or aesthetics. Further enhancing its status as an industry leader, Intex continues its tradition of innovation by regularly introducing new designs inspired by consumer feedback and emerging trends in design and technology.

Intex prides itself on its reputation for quality – it has consistently been an industry leader in terms of value for money, reliability, and customer satisfaction. The company takes pride in producing robust products that are safe and simple to use, giving every consumer the confidence to take full advantage of their investment without any worries or concerns.

The commitment towards innovation also allows Intex to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to product design – ensuring customers have access to the latest technology & features before anyone else.

Exceptional Customer Service

The company's commitment to customer service is also noteworthy - Intex provides helpful tips & advice on how to set up and maintain their products so everyone can enjoy the best out of their purchase. Moreover, they have a wide range of accessories that can be used in combination with their main offerings – such as pumps, covers, and more – all designed to make outdoor recreation even more enjoyable.

At the end of the day, Intex offers a great selection of products ranging from airbeds to boats - all made with attention to detail and boasting superior build quality which ensures years of use even in challenging environments.

With its dedication towards research & development as well as customer satisfaction, Intex has become one of the top choices when it comes to outdoor recreation equipment & supplies - enabling users around the world enjoy trouble free outdoor adventures whatever season they find themselves in.

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