Supplier Profile: JB's Wear

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We offer the latest custom garments from JB's Wear at wholesale prices. JB's Wear provides industry-leading workwear and casual wear promotional items that meet and exceed all Australian standards. They have extensive and reasonably-priced promotional apparel items such as corporate attire, schoolwear, sportswear, hospitality, corporate uniforms, hi-vis tradewear, promotional tees & singlets, polos, PPEs, and industry-standard safety shoes. Additionally, JB's Wear accepts orders for customised clothing made to your specifications!

Safety Hi-Vis Vest and Protective Eyewear

Promotional Apparel for Everyone

You can effectively market your brand by choosing from JB's Wear's comprehensive collection of high-quality, dependable personalised apparel, which is ideal for a diverse range of industries, clubs and organisations. Companies have used their assistance to provide their staff with stylish, perfectly designed uniforms with brand logos. They have been helping sports teams to outfit them with durable branded sportswear so they can perform at their best during competitions. They are also the go-to source for smart uniforms at schools and universities. The JB's Wear collection of promotional clothing is excellent for:

  • Corporate uniforms
  • Clothing for schools
  • Staff uniforms for hotels and restaurants
  • Sports attire for teams and clubs
  • Protective clothing while at work

JB's Wear Background

A proudly Australian-owned and operated business, JB's Wear has been operating since the early '90s. They have been in the industry for more than 20 years, with millions of garments in stock at their warehouses located in Australia. As part of their ethical and social responsibility, JB's Wear chooses to work with factories that:

  • Don't use child or forced labour;
  • Provide a safe workplace and conditions for all employees; and
  • Comply with all environmental, health, safety and employment laws in the countries that they operate.

The Benefits of Owning a JB's Wear

Acquiring a JB's Wear clothing item presents a multitude of benefits, positioning it as a prime option for those in pursuit of coziness, endurance, and fashion in their attire. Renowned for utilizing top-notch fabrics and precise workmanship, JB's Wear creations ensure remarkable durability and a snug fit, meeting expectations for diverse events and uses. With a broad variety of offerings, from professional attire to sportswear, the brand caters to an array of requirements and tastes. Furthermore, the company's dedication to incorporating creative design aspects and state-of-the-art features enhances both the practicality and allure of their apparel. This combination of functionality and aesthetics in JB's Wear merchandise makes them a worthwhile investment for any wardrobe.

What Cubic Promote Can Do

Cubic Promote has over 16 years of expertise supplying Australians with high-quality, low-cost personalised products. We decided to partner with JB's Wear because of their significant experience in the promotional clothing industry and our aim to offer our customers the best possible service.

While JB's Wear supplies the merchandise to us, our skilled team of branding professionals uses the best branding technique to ensure the artwork or logo is visible on the products. We employ branding methodologies such as pad printing, screen printing, digital printing, embroidery, laser engraving, transfer printing, and embossing.

Since Cubic Promote is an authorised reseller of JB's Wear, we'll make sure you get the best deal on all of JB's Wear's promotional apparel that matches your budget. In addition, because we ship to any address in Australia, you don't have to visit the JB's Wear warehouse to pick up your order. If you'd like to see a sample before making a large purchase, we'd be happy to deliver one to your prefered location.

To acquire a price quote or begin your order of JB's Wear custom-made uniforms, please email us at or call 1300 858 288.


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