Jelly Beans (expo candy)

Promotional Custom Branded Jelly Beans for Event Marketing

Jelly beans are a great lolly treat to hand out at your marketing events, business expos or university O-Weeks. These candies are ideal to give to others because they're available in a huge array of colours and flavours, plus their firm outer layer ensures they don't distort or melt easily. Buy jelly beans from Cubic Promote in packaging customised to feature your logos and graphics. Your recipients will think of your organisation every time they pop a jelly bean into their mouths! If you're looking for a universally popular piece of confectionery to hand out, you can't beat promotional jelly beans. Check out our Buying Guide for Jellybeans.

Branding for Custom Jelly Beans

Due to their size, we cannot individually brand jelly beans. However, we can provide promotional jelly beans in an assortment of stylish packaging featuring your logo design. We will supply jelly beans in branded cello bags, plastic tubes, mini baby bottles, metal tins, plastic cubes, plastic hearts, plastic dollar signs, and packaging that you can slot your business cards into. We will also provide a mixed set of jelly beans or your choice of corporate colours (red and blue only, etc.) Let us know the unique look you're seeking, and we'll do our best to match your vision.

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Colours and Flavours Available

We make our jelly beans from premium ingredients and they come in a variety of colours and flavours. At present, our bean colours and flavours available are as follows:

  • - Orange (oranges) | Pink (peaches)
  • - Red (strawberries) | Blue (blueberry)
  • - Black (grape) | Yellow (pineapple)
  • - White (Lychee) | Yellow (pineapple)
  • - Brown (chocolate) | Green (apple)

What is a Jelly Bean?

Jelly beans are small lollies with firm sugar outer shells and interiors that are thick and jelly-like. What sets jelly beans apart from other confectionery is just how many colours and flavours you can get them in. Jelly beans don't melt or distort easily, so they make great corporate gift candies. Here at Cubic Promote, we brand your custom logo directly onto the jelly bean packaging so they're ready to hand out at your next marketing function.

The Shelf Life of Personalised Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are a firm shell candy - this means they typically can keep a lot longer when compared to soft lollies (such as fruit jubes) or chocolate. Cubic Promote's range of Jelly Beans will easily keep for a year and a half if stored properly. We recommend preserving their shelf life by keeping your jelly beans away from direct sunlight. If exposed to a lot of sunlight or heat, jelly beans can become soft or melt. We also recommend storing your custom products at room temperature or below for the best results.

Why Branded Jelly Beans

Jelly Beans are a fantastic choice for events because they are easy to carry around and not easily impacted by heat or cold. If you drop a pack of jelly beans, they will not break, and their weight is relatively light when compared to other forms of confectionery. Jelly beans have very little deterioration in taste over time, unlike other custom branded snack products. Jelly beans appeal to all age groups - young children, teenagers, university students, adults and the elderly. If you use jelly beans at a product launch, weekend getaway or school function, they're bound to be well received even by fussy crowds.

Personalised Jelly Beans in Your Corporate Colours

Because jelly beans come standard in an assortment of colours, they're a delightful treat for the eyes (as well as the mouth). A mixed bag of jelly beans looks fantastic as a promotional item. But sometimes you're after specific colours - be they your corporate colours or your favourite footy team's shades. Cubic Promote can assist with supplying jelly beans in colours of your choice. Get them matched to corporate colours or go for bold, contrasting colours that make your logo design stand out. We do not charge extra for having corporate colours. Enquire today for further information on this option.

Custom Lollies Made Safe For Consumption

We produce our jelly beans in Australia (unless otherwise specified) and we make them following all necessary laws, regulations and per relevant industry bodies. Our jelly beans have their nutritional content on the side of the packaging. This label cannot be removed for legal reasons and is your assurance that the product your recipients will consume not only tastes great but is safe and contains only the finest ingredients as well.

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