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Promotional Jelly Beans

Buy jelly beans custom branded with your design or logo. Jelly beans are excellent promotional products for the lobbies of any office. Cubic has a wide range of colourful, delicious flavours that can be packed in small packets, a tin container or a glass jar. Our custom branded jelly beans are the perfect giveaway treat for those who love to munch while sweets; whether they are visiting your office, attending a tradeshow, or simply waiting for your party to start, these jelly beans are a great choice.

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Available Flavours

We make our jelly beans from premium ingredients and they come in a variety of colours and flavours. At present, our bean colours and flavours available are as follows:

  • Orange (oranges)
  • Pink (peaches)
  • Red (strawberries)
  • Blue (blueberry)
  • Black (grape)
  • Yellow (pineapple)
  • White (Lychee)
  • Yellow (pineapple)
  • Brown (chocolate)
  • Green (apple)

Shelf Life of Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are a firm shell candy - this means they typically can keep a lot longer when compared to soft lollies (such as fruit jubes) or chocolate. Cubic Promote's range of jelly beans will easily keep for a year and a half if stored properly. We recommend preserving their shelf life by keeping your jelly beans away from direct sunlight. If exposed to a lot of sunlight or heat, jelly beans can become soft or melt. We also recommend storing your custom products at room temperature or below for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you supply jelly bean packs with custom printing?

Yes, we sell jelly bean packs with your unique logo decoration. Contact our expert sales team for more information.

What is the smallest number of jelly bean packs I can order?

The minimum quantity of jelly bean packs we can supply is 100 units.

Do you sell jelly beans in certain colours only?

Yes, we can sell you one single colour of jelly beans in a pack, have two corporate colours (like red and white) or we can supply each pack in mixed colours. Let us know which you'd prefer and we'll make it happen.

Do you sell Australian made jelly beans?

Yes, we stock an assortment of Australian made jelly beans. Just let us know you'd prefer locally made jelly beans and we'll provide an appropriate price quotation for you.

Do you have eco-friendly jelly bean packaging options?

Yes, we have kraft paper bags instead of plastic bags as well as cardboard box packaging that is biodegradable and sustainable. We also have a tin can and glass jar packaging option that is reusable.

Do you have ingredient and allergen information for jelly beans?

Yes, nutritional information is available on each jelly bean pack according to Australian food labelling requirements.

Image for Full Colour Label Sticker on Jelly Beans Packaging

Jelly Beans in an Acrylic Tree

Image for digital full colour label on a champagne bottle filled with jelly beans.

Champagne Bottle Filled with Jelly Beans

Image for digital full colour label on soda bottle filled with jelly beans.

Soda Bottle filled with Jelly Beans


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